All around The World (Justin Bieber Fanfic)

Aleah is not your ordinary teenager. She has a gift of music. she can do anything that is related to music without learning how to do it. people say she was sent from heaven because Aleah has no parents or family. Aleah is really shy and lives on the streets of Canada. One day she notices huge crowds around a concert hall one night, when she was walking over to it to find out what was going on a truck came out of nowhere and knocked her out. When she woke, she saw a boy. He was holding her bridal style and was walking towards a really nice car." Who are you?"Aleah asked the boy around her age." Justin and I want to help you get better so just rest now ..." "Aleah." She said."Aleah get some rest OK I'll take care of you."Justin said putting Aleah in his car. Aleah looked at herself and saw she was covered in blood.

Read more to find out what happens next.

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1. Aleah

                                                              (Aleahs' POV)

           ( Aleahs' background story.)

                          I was  found on a door step of The Home For Girls. I just turned 16 and I snuck out of the window of the orphanage I was at.  I wanted to find the music. i just have it in my bones. The people of Brantford , Canada. I walked and walked for miles hearing the music of the wind guiding me to a bigger city. There where people playing music on the streets. I walked over to on of the girls that had a Guitar and I asked her if i could try. She said yes and handed to me. As I held the guitar in my hands I closed my eyes and felt each string with my hand. I started to strum a cord then another. When I finished the song I opened my eyes and saw a crowd of people listing to me. The girl who the guitar belonged to looked at me in shock. "Did you take lessons?"She asked me. I shook my head. All the people were in aw. "I'm Avery."The girl said holding out her hand for me to shake it." I'm Aleah."I said with a small voice."Pleased to meet you Aleah." Avery said smiling.


                                                 (Hours Later)


                I started walking down the streets and alleyways of the city when I herd music playing loudly. I started following the music when I saw where it was coming from. I stood a cross the street of a huge concert hall. I started walking across the street when I herd the music stop and I saw a boy around my age run out of the concert hall stage door. He saw me then started yelling something then everything went black.

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