miss Free spirit

Nehemiah/ miah a 16 year old girl is in love with pranking and she doesn't care what the consequence is. Until one day her whole life changed.

5Me gustan

1. The New Kids On The Block



           Nehemiah's P.O.V.


                I walked down the hall of the high school trying to find my locker,'862'. Once I found it I tryed to open it, It took me four trys before I got it open. After I put my books away, I shut my locker and saw a boy smiling at me with dimples showing. He was leaned up against the locker. "What's your name love?" He asked. "Um, Nehemiah, but you can call me neah or miah." I replied. "I'm Harry, you can call me Hazza if you'd like." He said. "Can I call you Haz?" I asked. "Anything for you love." He said. I smiled, my face turned to the floor, blushing. I felt his hand touch my chin and make me look at him. "I need to tell you something." Haz said. These are  my friends pointing to each boy. "Niall, Zayn, Loui, and Liam." He said. "Hi, I'm Miah." I said. The bell rang and we left to our classes. "Hey, Miah." Harry shouted. "Can I have your number?" He asked. "Um, sure, it's 223-950-8493." I said. "Thanks love, call ya tonight!" He shouted and ran off.


                      (After School)


           *Bell rings* As I walked outside, I saw Niall leaning up against the school, talking on his phone. I tried to walk past him without him noticing me. Yes! I thought to myself as I past him by. By then something grabbed me. I turned around to come face to face with Niall. "Hey,

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