Lost And Found

Damiah, a 17 year old girl has been kidnapped and was sent to England from her abusive step father.She has been living on the streets ever sense she was 8. Harry, A young boy,was Damiah's friend tries to find out where her father had sent her.Will harry ever find Damiah?What will happen next?read more to find out.

4Me gustan

1. The days of '02'

                               My story begins back in 1994 when I was born.I had a beautiful mother and a father who loved me and cared for me willingly. When I turned six my father went missing and was found in an ally way with a bullet left in his head .A year   rolled by and my mother remarried. Now I have younger twin  Brothers Jayk  and Jared. At age eight my mother had died of cancer and my step dad took to many drinks and took all his pain out on us. He had gave us broken bones, buses, scares, and swollen eyes and lips.


                           Days went by and every hit got worse , the Jayk just couldn't make it. His wounds were to great.when he pasted, our step father didn't even pay attention. When he was out drinking I would run  to my only friends house and stay there and hope my step dad wouldn't find me. Many times he did find me , but this time he sent me out and I ended up here in London , England. Today I wonder if  Hazza the little boy, still remembers me and our friendship and the promise he promised to come and find me and take caer of me.I often wonder if Jared is okay and if he has gotten away from his dad..


                           Hi I'm Damiah. I'm 18 and I'm still homeless on the streets of London. I've been waiting for a fairy tale or a merical to happen in my life. I  dance on the streets to earn enough money for food for a meal each day.If I had the choice to pick if I had to live with my step father or out here on the street, yeah i'd stay here. I haven't talked in so long I think I've forgotten  how. I'm just scared m step father will come and beat me again.I'm so scared.

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