harry potter and the cave of slytherin

harry potter finds him self in yet another adventurous mission. But this time no one will no about it except from Ron and Hermione. Can he work out what all this cave means and what things it will bring to Hogwarts.

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1. cake

(hi guys, I really hope you enjoy my first chapter. More will be coming soon. If you think I should add anything please tell me.)



"I can't wait to go back to Hogwarts" Harry said while he was feeding Hedwig. He bent down and picked the leftovers from the floor. Whilst he was down there, he heard Mrs. Dursly shouting. He put his ear to the floor. "What? Dudley can't be in detention, I mean what is wrong with flushing someone's head down the toilet?". Harry sniggered and went over to his bed. His suitcase was nearly packed. He only needed to add a few more books. He jumped on to his bed and put his glasses on his bedside cabinet.

 'Beep beep'. Harry woke up with a start. He flung his hand at the clock and placed his glasses on. He heard a fluttering sound and opened his eyes to see a brown owl flying around his room carrying a letter. He took the letter from the owl and the owl flew away. He opened the letter :

Dear Harry,

I can't wait to see you. I really hope you liked your birthday cake? We are coming to pick you up in 3 days so you can come round to our house - get packed!


"YES" Harry said out loud. He heard a moan and turned his head to look at his clock. It was 6:15 in the morning.  He might just have woken somebody up. He crept down to the door and peeked through the keyhole. Luckily, no one had woken, so harry was in the clear. He crept back to his bed and got on the floor. He picked up a small wooden panel and took out some birthday cake. "Yum" Harry thought "who does not like early morning cake?"


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