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1. Babysitting: tips and tricks

"We spend the first 12 months of our children's lives teaching them to walk an talk, and the next 12 months telling them to sit down and be quiet." -Phyllis Diller


Babysitting is fantastic! You get paid to hang out with younger kids, and if you do a good job, you'll be their hero. You get paid to be some kids hero?! This is an especially good job for a girl. Although boys can also babysit, we can all agree that girls make better role models. :) plus, almost every culture in the world trusts girl babysitters more than boy babysitters. That's because girls are responsible (of course!), and they know the secrets of being a good babysitter. These secrets have been recorded in The Ancient Book of Babysitting Wisdom as follows:


Babysitting Wisdom!

1. You really should take a babysitting or first-aid class before you accept responsibility for other peoples kids. (The Red Cross or your local parks department probably offers these in your area.)  Besides, you get a cool-looking "official" card!

2. Do not call the children you babysit any of the following names: Orcs, rug rats, house-apes, hobgoblins, ankle-biters, munchkins, droolers, li'l monsters, smurfs.

3. Pay attention to the kids you're babysitting and play with them. (Stay off the phone!)

4. Even if the parents have weird rules, like "junior should wear his safety helmet and body armor if he goes outside," it's best to follow them. This keeps the kids in their routine. Once you break one rule, they'll want to break all the other ones.

5. Clean up any messes that get made.(better yet, have the kids clean up!) and if you really want to impress the parents, straighten up messes that were there before you arrived. 

6. Don't invite any friends (especially boys) over! That is a big no-no.

7. When the parents come home, tell them some funny stories about what the kids did while they were gone. Parents love to hear stuff like this.

experienced babysitters know that all children are legally required to say, "but my mom always let's me do [fill in the blank] when she's here." This is often a lie. What the child is asking to do might be a bit kooky, like feeding a goldfish to his little sister or have a TON of ice cream. 

Dont let yourself be tricked! Instead say something like "but your mom isn't here right now, is she? This comeback is so clever, no child has ever come up with a response to it.

Ta-dah! Problem solved.

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