The Hunger Games Headcanons

A collection of the Hunger Games headcanons about every character in Susanne Collins' bestselling trilogy. Make requests below!

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1. Head Canon 001: Finnick Odair

Finnick Odair isn’t dead.

When Katniss tossed the Holo down the sewer shaft, the explosion caused the mutt to lose its grip on Finnick before it could kill him. The blast threw Finnick against the wall of the tunnel, breaking bones and knocking him unconscious. The mutts left him for dead, distracted by the scent of another band of Avox refugees.

When Finnick eventually recovered consciousness, he is disoriented, badly burned, injured, concussed and suffering from severe memory loss. Unable to find his way out of the sewers, he haunts the dank tunnels for over a year, trying to remember who he is, where he is, and why he’s there.

Eventually he is discovered by some maintenance workers and brought up to the surface for medical treatment, particularly surgery to fix a badly broken leg, wrist and clavicle that healed twisted due to never being set properly. Identified by his old ragged rebel soldier uniform from District 13, Annie Cresta is contacted. She rushes to the former Capitol where Finnick is in hospital. She brings their baby son with her.

As soon as Finnick hears her voice, he immediately regains his memories – his identity, his life, Annie, the Games, the War, everything. Of course he is ecstatic to be reunited with Annie, and overjoyed to find that they have a child together. Unfortunately, he will never actually be able to see his son clearly – the Holo explosion caught him full in the face, causing him to go almost completely blind. Bearing the brunt of exposure to high temperatures of fire, smoke and chemical fumes, his once striking eyes have gone mottled, murky and clouded, the lids distorted and partially sealed shut. After more extensive surgeries, he is able to register light, shadow, and vague blobs of color. But that’s it. He never gets back more than 5-10% of his sight.

That’s why “the color of Finnick’s eyes” is included in the memorial book that Katniss and Peeta make. Finnick himself is back, but his brilliant eyes are gone. But everyone agrees that it’s better to be blind than dead.

Happily, the eldest Odair son has his father’s eyes.

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