The year is 2136 and the once glorious America is at in the middle of a war inside of itself. Whenever Red wakes up in the East Facility, not knowing anything about her past identity, she's forced to train with the other Advants. Like Red, none of them know their lives before the East Facility. This group of kids no older than seventeen soon discover that they have advantages. Not powers, but traits that every human being has, but have been stretched to the extreme. They are experiments waiting to be trained into soldiers and Red is the only one who can stop it. But in a world full of advanced technology and virtual reality, nothing is as it seems.

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1. a word of warning


          Everything was silent. There was no sound. Or light to be in fact. It was just dark, quiet and tight all around me for as far as I could see. Or at least, I think I could see. There was no way to know.

          That wasn’t the beginning of my story though. This story you’re currently reading, well it seems to obviously be so. But as I would later find out, I had a much longer story that was hidden and once known to me in a perfect world.

          For I, along with many others were the Taken. Which to fully enrich the suspense of my tale I will make you find out what that truly means. Because the new life I was given did not give me a long life with a husband and children and happiness.

          This is the story of my death. And I hope you read the words wisely.

          Maybe you could just put this story right back on your shelf or throw it away even. But you’ll think “what if,” and what if indeed. I mean by the time you would have put down this book late at night, you would think, “it’s not real” because technically most books aren’t.

          And technically mine isn’t either. At least, not yet. And it won’t happen of you can stop it.

          You see, your “America” is much worse than it may look. Technically that goes for every country there once was on this planet that I was much too young to see the downfall of.

          Read on, and learn what happens knowing just how magnificent yet gruesome the world will soon become. Or just put down the book knowing you’ll never see me since you’ll be dead by then. But you’ll see me eventually when it’s too late. When you know you could’ve done something to help the wonderful world you now live in.

          It’s up to you whether you read this or not. Whatever you choose to become is decided up to you. I’m just the effect that comes because of those decisions.

          So if you’re in, turn the page and continue your fantastical life as a risk taker and rebel in some ways. But at least you’ll take the chance unlike the people who won’t take that risk you’re willing to take. This story may not take your life as it did mine, but it may as well if you’re not careful.

          For those of you reckless folk that decided to read my tale, there are a few rules we must go over before we begin.



          You will not, MUST not lend or give this book to anyone. You will put in back exactly where you found it in the first place. As a fellow human myself, I know not to trust people with anything for our mouths never stop running and our hands never stop taking. No matter how innocent they might seem, you just can’t have faith in anyone anymore.



           Don’t wonder why you started reading this book and suddenly got interested. It’s called a hook. Listen to your teachers more often. That’s why we used to be forced to go to school.



          Don’t ask yourself, “why me?” because I asked myself the very same question much too many times. But remember that you were the one who lousily picked up this book not knowing what the consequences might be.



            Watch your back. Seriously, even if you had already put down the book, someone would have seen you and you could be at risk. It could be your best friend, your parents, heck it could be your pet! But no matter what, you better read this book when the curtains are closed and the door is locked, isolated from any signs of life. You never know what can happen in this twisted world.


          Just so you don’t get lectured about reading what you think is a stupid fictional book, I’m going to let you off there. But don’t let them find you. The only reason I let my story be known is as a warning.

          You people who have continued reading, may already be getting tracked. Your closest friends and family could have already begun to get questioned about your whereabouts. The project has already begun. They will enlist you as one of the Taken like me. Don’t let that happen to you and your life.

          Once you’re taken, you can never get back. Trust me; I'm one of the foolish souls who tried...



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