The meaning behind the song

Ever listened to a song and wondered if the artist was trying to get something through to you?
Well, now you can find out.

3Me gustan

1. Pompeii by Bastille

As with many lyrics made by song artists the words in them,one way or another have a lot of meanings behind them.They can mean different things depending on how you look at them. One of the main meanings behind this to me is that this song is demonstrating our nature to persist in things that we don't like despite our best efforts to avoid them. It could be interpreted as a endurance in a bad time or still going on when there seems to be no light at the end of the road. That's what makes this song so perfect for an audience. We have all struggled with fighting our selves against our better judgement. For example, a person who is being left alone, they build a safe city for themselves until it crumbles around them and they have to deal with the reality that this wasn't a safe place, just made up to protect themselves from facing the reality and trying to do something about it. Another demonstration of this could be the words "But if you close your eyes" basically closing your eyes to reality and creating a nice familiar place to be in until "The walls kept tumbling down" where that place is being crushed and if say, you are alone then you have to face that reality and now start again building up another world of friends and people to really be with instead of staying in your own mind trying to shut off the rest of the world. 

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