When you die

"When you die, you either go to heaven or hell. it is our job to judge you"
Executed for accidental murder, Jenny finds out there is more to the afterlife than decaying in a wooden box. But, stained with the blood of her 'murder', she is forced to become a demon of hell. She now has two choices. To let the darkness into her heart or fight it.

27Me gustan

1. Prologue

I saw the needle held in his hand, full of a clear, deadly liquid. I screamed, desperate for mercy, and thrashed about. Two more men grabbed me and held me down so I couldn't move.

"It was an accident," the words tumbled out of mouth uncontrollably "Please! I didn't mean to!". Tears ran down my face as a gloved hand clamped over my mouth to shut me up. My fear of Death had never shocked or scared me. Now it did. What could I do except struggle and whittle as the needle approached me?

People would always say that before you die your life flashes before your eyes. They were wrong. How could they have known after all? The only people who do know can't tell them. Their bodies are lying in a wooden box, rotting away. And soon I was going to join them. Because of one accident. One single accident that led to murder. And now I have to pay for it.

The needle point was pushed into the skin of my arm with a sharp, slicing pain. The last thing I heard was a single gasp coming out of my mouth as the hand covering it was taken away. Before everything went black.

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