Daddy Warned Me About Guys Like You

Lennox; She's smart and a goody-goody. She loves school and has two people that she is extremely close to; her brother, Quinton, and her best friend, Addison. She has a twin named Lacey, but quite frankly... she cant stand her. She's never drank, partied, or even kissed a boy. Oh, and the school bad body absolutely disgusts her. Colton; He's every girl's dream, except for Lennox's. He's your typical bad boy who plays every girl he's ever layed eyes on. He's never been in a relationship... he doesnt see the point. He lives by the phrase " Hump and dump. " The difference is... He has secrets. Secrets that nobody knows. Not even his best friend since childhood, Drew. Because if they did know, it would ruin his entire reputation. So what happens when two complete opposites collide? One thing's for sure... both of their worlds will be flipped upside down. Things will be said, hearts will be broken, and lives will be changed. But, the question is... will it be for better or for worse?


1. Chapter One.

Lennox's P.O.V.

I woke up to she sun shining brightly through my beige curtains. Today is a new day, and the beginning of the last nine weeks of sophomore year.

I have mixed emotions about the fact that school is almost over. I love school. Why wouldn't I? I have almost every class with my best friend, Addison, people leave me alone, and I'm never involved with petty high school drama.

Leave that to my twin sister, Lacey. She is the most conceited, stuck up bitch Ive ever met. Oh, and not to mention her obnoxious Barbie wannabes she calls friends.

We're twins, but we couldn't be more different. I'm usually not this rude, but that girl really grinds my gears. She thinks she's better than everybody, but in reality she's dumber than a box of rocks. And I hate to break it to her, but she's never going to college with her grades. She wont even get into Ivy Tech with those grades. Anyway, enough about the spawn of Satin.


I put on a floral cut off with a navy blue tank top, light blue skinny jeans, and beige gladiator shoes. I straightened my hair and didn't bother with my make-up, I prefer to go natural.

When I was done getting ready I went downstairs to be greeted by my older brother, Quinton. He's a senior and I'm going to be devastated when he leaves. Besides Addison, he's one of the few people I can stand at our school.

Me and Quinton have been really close ever since we were little. He's always been extremely protective of me. When I was a baby, he wouldn't even let his best friend, Trevor, touch me. When I would have nightmares, instead of going to my parents' room like a normal child, I would go to Quinton's.

One time a kid pushed me down on the playground and Quinton shoved him off the jungle jim, which ended up breaking his arm.

I've grown up with Quinton and to think that he's 19 and a senior is crazy.

The good thing about Quinton is that even though some people think he's the stereo-typical jock because he's the captain of the football team, he's not. Yeah, he knows he's good-looking and has girls lined up for days wherever he goes, but he's genuinely a good guy. I love my brother.

" Hey kid. " He says while munching on an apple.

" Hey Q. And I'm not a kid. I'm a mature young adult. " I say with my head held high.

" Whatever floats your boat. Lets go before Lacey gets down here. "

" You're going to make her walk? "

" I'm pretty sure she can get one of her minions to give her a ride. I am not listening to her complain about her not being able to find the right shade of lipstick. Not today. "

" Whoa, what got into you? And you're right. Lets go before her voice is piercing through our eardrums. "

We grab our bags and run to the door. When we get in the car he puts the keys and speeds out of the driveway and down the road.

" This is why you're my favorite. " Quinton says, glancing at me for a quick second.

" Huh? " I ask with a confused look on my face.

" If I would've asked Lacey to hurry up so we could leave she'd be all like 'oh if I go to fast I'll break a heel. Then I'd die' " he says in a terrible girl voice " You don't do that. You're not snobby or stuck up. "

" Oh. People don't usually use me and cool in the same sentence. Usually its quiet, boring, smart, goody-goody " I start naming off all the things I've been called.

" People only call you that because they don't know you. " He said while glancing at me for a second before turning his attention back to the road.

" I don't exactly want to know them, Q. "

" Why not? "

My face turned completely serious. " Now you know how they treat those poor tech nerds. They're complete assholes. I cant stand how they think they're better than everybody else. "

We pulled into the school parking lot and Quinton found his usual parking spot. " If they ever treated you like that I'd kick their ass in a minute. "

" I know. " I said as I unbuckled my seat belt and grabbed my bag from the back seat before opening the door and getting out.

I walked around to my brother's side of the car where he was patiently waiting for me. When I got there he put his arms around my shoulder in a protective manner and started walking towards his group of friends at the front of the school.

We met up with Trevor, Quinton's best friend since diapers. Lance, the guy he met during football a few years back and became really good friends with. Out of all of his friends I was the closest with him. Dakota and Mark were standing next to each other talking about something I really couldn't care less about.

You see, Dakota hates my guts and I hate his. I have no clue why he hates me, but I feel as if he's the biggest douche bag I've ever met in my life.

And Mark never even gave me 30 seconds of his day to talk to me.

Lance was sort of the quiet one of the group. I guess that's why we get along so well. He doesn't try to boss me around like Trevor does, he doesn't hate my guts like Dakota, and he doesn't completely ignore me like Mark. I can tell Lance anything and he wont tell anybody.

"Hey man" Trevor said to Quinton while doing one of those bro hug things that I never really understood.


"I see you brought your tag-a-long with you today" Dakota said glaring at me, obviously showing his annoyance with my presence.

"Dude, how many times do I have to tell you? She's my sister. Stop being such an ass to her." Quinton said sternly.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was such a crime to get a ride from my own brother." I said with an attitude.

"Shut up squirt."


"Butt munch"

"Fudge packer"

"STOP!" Quinton shouted. "You're acting like eight year olds."

"Whatever. I'm going to class. Have a good day everybody. Except for pig boy. I hope he has a terrible day." I say turning on my heel and walking into the school. I will not let that idiot ruin my day.



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