the forest of my garden is a tale story, which is about an old man who likes much watering your garden and her granddaughter to how to take care of the garden with a beautiful story-oriented.




THE forest of my garden


there once was a man named Ignacio that he liked always irrigate your garden and also other flowers I had there in his small wooden house, Ignacio lived only had 3 children visiting it always the end of the month, but only had two grandchildren Marcelo and April, they they visited his grandfather in the countryside and wanted it much.


That one day his small granddaughter April said:


" grandfather, would your much like your garden to truth?,


"If April", said Ignacio (while watered)


but after a while Ignacio replied, and said:


"but it is not a garden, if not a forest full of life and very large"


April: "do as well as it is a forest, grandfather?, Ignacio


took it the shoulder and told him":


"come'll tell you something"


headed toward some wooden stairs (small) that was there in the courtyard.


Ignacio: "long to care throughout this garden even even if you do not existías and I was still very young, so one day I forgot to water it and I went to sleep and I had a dream..."Do

April: dream?,


Ignacio: you will tell you - responded Ignacio.


"A good day before bedtime and to peek my head out of my window note that had a little lights shining in my garden but I still didn't understand that passed, to lie down and close my eyes slowly and open them again was in the middle of a large forest laid in my bed, you notice that some of the branches were around mine, some green and others dry;" I was in a very large forest, me out of bed I couldn't believe it, less bad than if it were my shoes, had a great light not very strong but I shone and approached more and more to me, when you notice that it was close was a sort of fairy with a woman's face and wings gave light strongly, and he said:


- "not topics I'm a Firefly and I guide you to a place"


"well didn't say was somewhat stunned and scared, but this Firefly had a very angelic face, at first I was afraid, but to see that it was not in danger, calm me seemed she noticed my state of mind.


Firefly: "no issues not you are damage"


so we still walked the forest, was rather quiet and dark around, suddenly gave me a strong cold that it froze my legs I stopped and she


Firefly: "have to endure; get up "

" I get up and we continued walking, suddenly became cold in heat I felt that I had since burned into my skin, she remained with its giving me encouragement and told me


Firefly: "already arrive resists"


"I felt my tired legs, also the floor was somewhat muddy;" full of mud "


April interrupted...


April: poor


Suddenly saw that they were flying more fireflies but passed over us she is Volt and said:


Firefly: "should rush come"


"so I take my hand and I rise up into the air, I I argued strongly until you feel it not already trod the soil, what note from above was wonderful, I saw some hills of fireflies, and other insects"Some houses was as he had seen a great city there, so ask you to Firefly: "where were we going to?" She told me: "now it really"; suddenly the night became day in a close and open eyes, and when I realized we were flying on a high desert with some destroyed houses and all in disorder, some small little men lying on the floor like dying didn't understand even that happened and we were slowly arriving at that place.


Firefly: "do you know what happened here?"


Ignacio: "no; who would have this?"


Firefly: "do you want to know who did this?"


Ignacio: "Yes" - I said.


Firefly: "fuiste tú Ignacio!"


April was surprised and I beam an ohhh!, - taking the face.


"So I ask how I could have echo this I just watered not today my (mention not REGUE my garden in my mind)... so I remembered."


Firefly: "exactly that!" - said, and continued "why this small part of the forest of your garden is dying"


Ignacio: "do but something can do not?"


Firefly: "so, but now you should only return to the place where you found!",


"then only I saw that you were dismissed and flew through the air, leaving me alone, in that I did not know wilderness that make the truth, I did not know address to go, suddenly appeared a large centipede from the earth I stopped and stare me it didn't look very bad but just as I was afraid.


Centipede: "quien eres? where you come from?"


So I had no choice but to explain what had happened and at the end told him that if he could help me and told me that


centipede: "clear friend, take you where were you"


explain more or less where it was left the place and said...


Centipede: "this something far but we arrive, go up!"-said to me. "and hold on tight!".


"And thus echo to run very quickly with several feet that had, as it crawled saw valleys where you could see that there were more insects together".


April: "was the centipede funny?"


Ignacio: "Yes, but listening is the best"


"had insects great and skinny, fat and funny he had everything, I had some curiosity by what was happening he could not explain it, soon we arrived at a quiet place where had other insects that were friends of the centipede, everyone was looking at me and centipede I commented as I found;" so that greeted me and sat to chat while they ate something, some spoke of it came well away other how it worked and Vivian while others were just passing through, one of them commented on the little I saw thrown in that small town, and he added, "where I come from they never fail to water the garden, water always is there with us never we needbut our these friends who not watered you his garden? What a shame, that so bad people to mistreat and let die lives in a garden! ", upon hearing that he could not believe what understood with those phrases I understood everything what was going on so I couldn't stand more the situation and stopping me before them told them..."


Ignacio: "I was that person who not watered the garden, why I'm here, I have to help them".

"All let do it that they had and put his eyes in my, somewhat stunned centipede is drained and I approached to my slowly with a smile on your face..."


April: "grandfather not because you said that?"


Ignacio: "yes I know that it was wrong... listen


" so I did not understand well and centipede me towards gestures that do not say nothing more so I went...


Ignacio: "friends it is my fault and I should fix this"


centipede without thinking with several hands that had I climbed on his back and told me...


Centipede: "hold you well!";- and cast to the career


"Did not understand but I saw other insects laid at the same time as the centipede race, think it was to hold on to me but not with good intentions, while we were in the centipede spoke.


Centipede: "do upon reaching the place goes up to your bed and cover your head with your quilt, and watering your garden quickly understand?" told him: "okay!""


" So note my bed in the middle of the great forest and told him: "there is!"-pointing him.


Centipede told me:" take care friend someday we will see ", to the turn the insect were already for me suddenly centipede brake quickly and I flew through the air falling on my bed when I realized other insects were already up my and me tape very quickly with my quilt..." April


cry: ahhh!


"Remember what he said the centipede, when I uncover saw again my room had returned to reality was tomorrow, quickly ran to the garden and watered it so much that the water was already leaving pasture, when on the floor I saw a centipede that came out of the garden as I took and look at it and realized that that was me helped to return and told him..."


Ignacio: "will never pass friend".


am surprised with what his grandfather had reported.


April: "grandfather then reguemos the garden today together!"


Ignacio: "Yes!" I replied.


"That should take care of this garden and all that there is, if you have one at home do the same also"


April: "If Grandpa!"-added with a loud voice: "Grandfather look how beautiful is the forest of your garden!"


Ignacio: "If April is very beautiful"


and laughed in a strong hug.




Written by: Daniel E. Vilela Ugarte



© 2008


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