Meant for Two

When Jamie turns 18, she doesn't expect Drake, the sexiest baddest boy, ask her out much less tell her she's a half vampire. She's meant for him. When she meets Niall, Jamie falls head over heels for him. The boys and Drake have to help her train to become a vampire. Can she save her best friend, Bailey, stop Drake and Niall from fighting, and chose who she wants to be with? Answer all these questions and more.


1. Dreaming

Jamie was the most popular girl in school. Everyone was crowding her to ask for her to sign their yearbook. The last bell rang, signaling the end of the day. "I'm sorry. I'll try to sign more tomorrow," she said, smiling. She was wearing a purple tank top, black high-tops, and blue jean cutoffs. Jamie had long, wavy, brown hair that fell until it reached the middle of her back. She just turned 18 and got the coolest guy in school to ask her out. He was waiting by his motorbike outside. "Hey, Drake," she said. He had jet black hair falling into his crystal green eyes. He had on a leather jacket with a black t-shirt on underneath. To finish the look, he had ripped blue jeans and black converse sneakers on. "Hey, sexy lady," he said with a mischievous grin. He leaned in and kissed her. He pulled back and said, "Wake up." Except it wasn't his voice, it sounded like Jamie's mom. "Wake up, Jamie. Time for school. It's your last day before winter break." Yep. Definitely Mom, thought Jamie. "I'm coming." She opened her eyes and looked at the clock: 6:25 am. Her alarm was set for 6:30. She could've slept for 5 more minutes. 5 more minutes with Drake, the baddest sexiest boy at her school. She walked into the kitchen just as her mom was setting the food on the table. "Good morning, Lamie," said Josie, her annoying 14 year old sister. "You too, Nosy," said Jamie. They've always called each other since Josie was learning to speak. Josie couldn't pronounce the "J" in Jamie. Since Jamie was only 5 at the time, she thought Josie was being mean and started calling Josie, "Nosy." "Will you two hush up and eat." Jamie's mom had golden blond hair like Josie, but dies her hair black. Her mom also had greenish brown eyes. So did Josie. Jamie always wondered why she had ocean blue eyes. She assumes it comes from her father. Her father died shortly after her mom had Josie. Jamie didn't remember him. Her mother, Jessica, never kept pictures because she says it causes "too much pain." When Jamie had finished eating, she went up to her room. She picked out an over sized black t-shirt that she had cut holes into with a rd tank top to go underneath. She had black skinny jeans on with some black and grey checkered slip-ons. She put on her favorite skull necklace and matching earrings. She put on a charm bracelet her mom gave her for her 18th birthday two days ago on the 15th of December. Her mom told her that Jamie's dad had saw it some where and that he bought it for her to give to her on her 18th birthday. It had on owl with orange eyes, a cat with red eyes, a dog with black eyes, and a smiley face with that matched hers. Her mom said that each charm represented something special. Jamie wondered what that meant. She grabbed her bag. It was beaten up, and it could barely hold all her textbooks. Most people at school thought it was ugly, but she loved it. She had spilled paint on it when she was 13. So it looked black even though it was purple. It got ripped a little at where Goodbye Kitty, her black cat, clawed at it. She hated Hello Kitty so when her mom got her a black cat, the opposite color of Hello Kitty, she named her Goodbye Kitty. She was only 9 at the time. When Jamie walked downstairs, Josie was ready in blue jean cutoffs, a neon orange t-shirt that read,"I HATE cheer-leading! Yes, I do! I HATE cheer-leading! How 'bout you?," and black converse sneakers. "Love the shirt, Nosy," Jamie said. Then looking at her mom, who was ready for her job as a waitress, said,"They grow up so fast. Next thing you know, she'll be cheer-leading because she can't ever make up her damn mind." Jamie's mom was so tired; she didn't even fuss Jamie for cursing. Her mom worked as a waitress at some fancy restaurant all day because the rich people leave big tips. She also worked a four hour shift as a bartender at some night club. The only breaks she got were the 30 minutes between the jobs and the rest of the night after the night club job. Jamie helped raise Nosy Josie so her mom could work. Jamie had a job as a cashier at McDonald's. It didn't pay much, but she was able to pay for stuff without asking her mom for money. "Well, let's go, Nosy. Mom's got to go to work." Jamie always drove Josie to school ever since she got her license. Before that, they always rode the bus. Jamie's truck wasn't the best, but it beats riding in a smelly bus with all those stuck up jocks and their snobby nosed, cheerleader girlfriends. Plus, they always said stuff to Jamie like,"Hey, Swamp Monster. Big Foot called looking for his daughter. Just thought I'd let you know," or,"You were so beautiful when you were born that your mom got jealous and dipped you in a swamp when an alligator was near by. It bit you because it thought it was doing you a favor." She had to go through worse than that at school. Everybody thought she was weird because she wore black and liked rock music. After she turned 15, her mom had saved enough money to move her, Jamie, and Josie out to California. She had to leave all her friends in Louisiana and go to a new school where everyone made fun of her. Josie didn't have that problem. She had made friends the first day of school when she was 11. They're still best friends. They always come over or Josie goes to one of their houses. Josie's friends are nice to Jamie, but Jamie knows it's only because she's Josie's older sister. The only friend Jamie had made was a year ago. Her name is Bailey. Jamie and Bailey are polar opposites. Bailey is similar to Josie. Bailey could have a bunch of friends, but she chooses to stick with Jamie. Every time Jamie brings it up, Bailey says the same thing,"I rather have one true friend that is nothing but different from me than have 100 stuck up bitches back stabbing me when I'm not looking." Bailey had the softest auburn hair that was cut so short; it made her look like a pixie. She had chocolate brown eyes and full pink lips. She was from Texas. She was always wearing blue jeans, some time of pink shirt, and flip-flops. She had a deep tan unlike Jamie. The only thing they had in common was their crush on Drake. He was the bad boy of their school. Nobody says anything bad or good about him. All the girls, even the preppy and nerdy ones, had a crush on him. He could make your heart stop if he looked at you with those green eyes. "Get out, Nosy." They had just gotten to school. "Go find your little flock of sheep. You're basically their shepherd," said Jamie with a smile. Josie grabbed her purple bag with a pink bow and got out without a word. Jamie watched as a motorcycle came flying into the parking lot and park next to her truck. She got out so she wouldn't get caught in a crystal green sea. He took off his helmet. There stood Drake look like a sexy mother fucking Greek god. His chiseled features looked as if they were glowing in  the sunlight. When Jamie finally reached her locker, she was able to forget Drake long enough to realize Bailey was standing their with a smile that looked like the Joker's from Batman. "Guess what?," Bailey exclaimed. "What?" Jamie could already guess what it was before Bailey said,"Harry just broke up with Taylor Swift, making him single again!" Jamie gave her a look that said,'Why should I care?' Bailey knew that look. She answered,"Because that means I can flirt with Harry when I meet him!" Oh, yeah, thought Jamie. Bailey was going meet her favorite boy band during the holidays. She was obsessed with this One Direction band. "Good for you. Now let's go to class." "Um... Jamie?" "What Bailey?" "Look behind you." Jamie turned around to come face to face with Drake. "I know this is short notice, but would you like to go to the winter dance thing tonight with me?," asked Drake, staring at her with a blank expression.

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