My Diary: 2012

My entry to Reviewing 2012: Ok I wanted to write a lot of reviews of things that happened to me this year but then, it is suppose to be maximum of 1000 words. I wrote a very embarrassing event that happened to me. Hope u will get a good laugh out of it. :D
Even though comparing to other contestants reviews, mine is not that good and absolutely not worthy to be on top 10 but I gave it a shot anyway! :)

why does it look like a reflection again?? >__<

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1. 2012


So many things happened this year. With lots of drama, becoming a senior in college, exam pressures, joining another best website Movellas and publishing stories, laughing at how Mayans trolled the whole world and how people fell for it, my year has been an 'athlete on the run'. Here I would like to signify an event that happened to me at the beginning of the year 2012.

December the 31th, 2011

New year tomorrow! Who was not excited? Well I was obviously. I sat on the couch on new years eve thinking what to do. I debated whether I should brag my mum and dad to take me to the park to watch fireworks like we do every year or should I just sit here on the couch, watch some chick-flicks and eat a bucket of ice cream. I decided to do the last one. Why? Because I was in love with my very comfy couch and its warmness. The thought of ice-cream was inviting as well.  

I decided to watch some movies. I went through my movie collections to decide what to watch when my best friend Ivy called. We talked for a few minutes and then she suggested that we should go out and watch a movie.  I agreed.

Now here is one of my confessions that you wouldn't believe: I was excited to go out to watch movies. Why? I never went to the cinemas in my almost 18 years of life. I just watch them in DVD's.


Fast forwarded to January the 6th, 2012

I still remember that day. Who wouldn't? I was completely embarrassed for opening my big mouth. I can't believe my new year started in a different way. Anyway so that's what happened-

Ivy, Danny (a guy friend of ours) and I went to the nearest cinema. When Danny was driving us to the cinema, Ivy and I were debating which movies to watch. At the end Ivy won. She wanted to see the latest Paranormal Activity. 'Ok, we will watch Paranormal Activity.'

Now here is the thing, and I am going to be honest here. I know many people loved the movie and all but I am going to give you my opinion so let me tell you what I thought about the movie. Although I am not sure what to say about the movie. I really don't.

Wait I do! I slept through half the movie. Why? To me the movie was not scary at all. Weird right? But I am not the only one in the whole wide world am I? Anyway the only thing that occasionally scared me was the fact that some people screamed behind me, making me jump in my seat. About half an hour later, Ivy was clinging to my arm for dear life since I was sitting in the middle of my two friends.

Another half an hour past. The movie theatre was a bit quiet. 'Ok that's it! I can't take this anymore. I just can't sit here and waste 3 hours of my life watching this movie.'

 My stomach rumbled indicating how hungry I was. I muttered to myself that if I sit here for one more minute and watch this boring movie then I will flip for sure. Ugh! Where is the popcorn when you need it the most? Well speaking of popcorns, nothing but some junk food from McDonald would help. While thinking of McDonald I was craving for some burgers and fries. I was about to leave the theatre when suddenly people screamed at the top of their lungs making me jump at least a thousand feet high. That's it!

(I still remember the exact words I said.)

Here I go:

"Holly mother of Jesus shush! What in the chocolate fudge in rainbow unicorns with cheese burger and two muffins with a big MacChicken and large fries on the side from McDonald is wrong with you people? You guys  are scaring me more than the movie itself is! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET ME TAKE A NAP IN PEACE?" I yelled at the people behind me. I was panting heavily since I was out of breath.


(What? I was hungry.... and annoyed. No. I was not PMSing)


That's when the whole theatre stopped watching and looked at me, forgetting about the movie. (Thank Lord the theatre was small and there were not many people either.) It took me about 3 seconds to realize that I just yelled out my McDonald menue order which I was going to buy. My cheeks immediately turned crimson. Me and my big mouth yeah?

Some people chuckled and some people gave me a very confused look. The guy that guards the hall came up to me and asked me if something is wrong and if I wanted to leave. I gladly agreed. People had their gazes on me the entire time when I walked down the aisles towards the exit. I left but not before apologizing to my friends and the people in there.

Great! My first time in a movie and I was kicked out. (Well not literally! I kicked myself out of that movie theatre).


You can imagine the rest. My Facebook page went viral. My friends probably told everyone about that embarrassing moment. I didn't mind though. What I said was quite funny and people who saw and knew me at the theatre told me later that they had a good laugh since most of the time they spent screaming. I also don't think other people at the theatre minded my sudden outburst since it did not reach the newspaper.

Well, that is just one of my events happened in 2012! Hopefully 2013 will be a great year for me, and for everyone.

*+!!!***!!!~Happy New Year~!!!***!!!+*

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