Paradise Connection

Issy was a normal girl, popular, cheerleading team captain, everyones friend, all the guys wanted her. UNTIL... she got depression and was bullied by Simps, Issy had a huge crush on him. She hid herself under oversized clothes and lost all her friends. Issy has started to talk to this stranger online and has started to get her confidence back. Simps is the Captain of the East Bryon Secodary College Soccer Team and with his reputation he has to bully every single person that stuffs up. Simps doesnt like bullying but doesnt want to ruin his reputation.
Simps doest turn out to be the guy everyone thinks he is, Issy isnt who everyone thinks she is either.

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1. Introduing Issy


I wish I could start my story off with once upon a time but my story is far from a fairy tale. In fact, I doubt it's going to have a happy ending, unless something dramatically changes before I do what happen to my brother.

My name is Issy, my family use to call me Wizzy (Because i'm really smart). My cousins now call me Issy. I didn't allow them to call me Wizzy because it brang back to many memories.

*Ding Ding* A notification popped up on my laptop, which my brother had bought me for my 15th birthday. I shook the mouse Mandy since I hardly ever got notifications. Every time I got a notification I hoped It was from my crush, His nickname was Simpson, I didn't actually know his real name. He was a year in advanced which meant he was in year 10. He has blonde surfer hair and amazingly beautiful blue eyes. Every time I was forced to look at them I drifted off into a new world that I wish I could stay in forever.
You see, Simpson is soccer captain for East Byron Secondary College, and no one gets him except the captain of the East Byron Secondary College Cheerleading team, which I was until everyone turned on me for dumping the old soccer captain, 'Dean Butler'.

I was logged into this chatting website and I had been chatting with this random for nearly 2 days. I was starting to think I had a friend but I didn't even know his name. For all I know, he could be a rapist only wanting my piece.
The notification wasn't in fact from my crush but it was from the random stranger.
Tiki272956: hey bell ;) x
Bell779213: hello there tiki xx

Every time I got a message from this guy I got tingles in my belly. Well I hope he's a guy.

Tiki272956: how was your day? x

I replied as quick as I could because most people I try to talk to go straight offline.

Bell779213: great thanks, yourself? x

My day hasn't been great at all. Today I went to my fathers funeral, i didn't live with him. I lived with my cousins. My mum left me when I was 7 and when my brother was 4. It was just my brother, my dad an I.
The police took father to jail because he beat us a lot and the teachers were concerned so I moved in with my cousins. Which meant a new school. My brother was severely bullied and he committed suicide just after my 15th birthday.
We were really close because we had to live by ourselves when dad went on his 'trips'. He sold drugs and he killed people and hurt them for money because we didn't have much. Not that my brother and I got any o the money. Our father treated us like dogs. Most nights we had to sleep on the floor, but on the occasions when father went on his trips we took turns to sleep in his bed.
After my brother committed suicide, I got serious depression an lost all my friends, quit the Cheerleading team, became insecure which caused me to wear my brothers old baggy clothes and I stayed home all the time, other than school hours.

Tiki272956: oh sorry, went to get food. Haha, that's good to hear. I'm fine as well. xx

Bell779213: yeah, did you go to school today? x

Tiki272956: yeah! I hate school. Can I ask you a question? x

Bell779213: sure, just not to private? Haha xx

Tiki272956: what's your name? x

Holy crap! At school everyone had known me as insecure Issy because I told everyone my name was Issy and that's what they were to call me. I hate my name! My real name is actually Melanie Isabelle Lawrence.
I decided if I ever wanted to meet this stranger than it would be best to tell them my real name.

Bell779213: Melanie, yours? xx

Tiki272956: uhmm, Cody xx

OMG! That's the cutest name ever... But Simps is still cuter. But I can't be with Simps. Oh right, I haven't explained about him.
Simps Is soccer captain an I went out with his brother and dumped him when I got depression which broke his brothers heart. I'm insecure Issy which means they pick on me, they tease me just like they teased my brother. I thought they should have learnt there lesson by now. Simps is most popular, it's his job to be the lead bully. So... I get hit, punched, kicked and a lot more by him. He use to want me so bad but I didn't want him. No one wants me now, since I'm insecure Issy.

Bell779213: Cod ;) That's a cute name xxx

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