I Would

Allie Victoria and Her mom allow an Exchange student into their home. Allie slowly feels herself falling for him while Niall secretly falls for her. But after Niall auditions for XFactor, they lose contact. it isn't until Allie herself Wins XFactor a few years later does he realize he had forgotten about something so beautiful. Will Allie Forgive him? (this book takes place before they were famous and some of the facts might not add up but i tried.)


1. Arrival

                                                            PART ONE (08-09)


     15 year old Allie Victoria sat on the steps of her small Town house in Manchester anxiously awaiting the arrival of the foreign exchange student who would be staying at her and her mom's house for a few years and attend school with her. His plane had landed only moments ago and he called saying he was on his way there. Allie impatiently tapped her feet. She was excited to see him. Allie is an only child and she always wanted a sibling because her house was always so boring and quiet. But she wasn't going to think of this exchange student as a brother because that would just be weird. She was just excited to have someone she could hangout with. Allie had spent months preparing the guest bedroom for him trying to make it as 'homey' as possible. 

     After ten long minutes of sitting and waiting, the yellow cab finally pulled up to the side of her street. The boy in the back of the cab opened the door and stepped out pulling out a large guitar case. He was tall and blonde. He seemed fit and strong too. He was wearing a plain white tee shirt and a pair of grey sweats. His blonde hair was messy. He flashed Allie a smile and looked at her with his deep blue eyes. 

"Hey, you must be Niall, right?" Allie asked with a smile.

"Yup that's me. And you're, Alex? No, Abby? No wait I know this. Allie? Yeah, Allie" he smiled back. His Irish accent was impeccable. 

"Yeah you got it now," she laughed "I like your accent by the way" she continued as she grabbed one of his bags from the trunk.

Niall laughed a bit. "Well it is hot, Irish, and straight from Mullingar." he smiled and grabbed the rest of his bags.

Allie laughed and shook her head. "Well let me go show you your room so you can settle and what not." she said as she walked inside. Niall followed her in with a smile on his lips.

He followed her up the stairs and down the hall to a closed door at the end of it. Allie opened the door with her elbow and walked in. She placed his bags on the Full sized bed and turned to Niall.

"I hope you like it, I painted it and everything." she smiled.

Niall smiled back and looked around the room. It was pretty spacious. The walls were a dark almost navy blue and the floors were wooden. There was a nice full bed and a flat screened television set completed with bean bags and an PS3. It was like a man-cave. 

"It's really nice." he replied still gazing upon the room. 

"Feel free to hang up posters of whatever you want, I beg that you not put up any porn-stars though, that would give my mom a heart attack." she laughed. 

Niall turned to and fixed his eyes on her. He laughed. "I would never do that. That is completely disgusting. If anything I would put up some Bieber posters or even some hot Demi ones." he said as he looked at the empty walls.

Allie gave him a weird look. "You like Justin Bieber and Demi Lavato? I don't even like them and I'm a girl." she laughed.

Niall laughed back. "Well I love JB's music and Demi is just Fucking hot and I am going to marry her one day, oh and uh excuse my language." 

"It's all good," Allie laughed "and good luck with the whole marrying Demi thing." 

"Thanks" he smiled playfully. "She loves me and she just doesn't know it yet." 

"mhmm okay whatever helps you sleep at night Niall, well I'm going to let you unpack and what not so I'll be in my room next door if you need anything. Come and get me when you're done so I can give you a tour of Hotel de la Victoria" she said with a smile as she walked out. 

"okay" Niall replied as he started to unpack

     Allie walked into he room and shut the door. She had no idea that this foreign boy would be this cute. She untied her hair from it's messy ponytail and let her loose curls fall past her shoulders. She brushed through it softly making it look pretty. She put on her eye liner to make her deep blue eyes stick out more. She unruffled her light blue shirt and adjusted her denim shorts. She smiled at her reflection and then sat on her bed turning on her television. 


    Niall unpacked his bags and and hung up his clothes. He threw his shoes sloppily onto the floor of his new closet. He took out his laptop and place it on the night stand beside his bed and turned on his phone lying it beside it. He put his put his boxers into the draw. He heard his phone go off about a million times as he received all the messages he got from earlier today. All five were from his girlfriend Holly. He smiled and plopped himself onto his bed and texted her. He told her he him missed her already.

     He continued texting her for a while and then decided it was time for a tour of the house. He told Holly he loved her and that he would talk to her later and put his phone back on the charger. He got up and knocked on Allie's door. 

     He waited for her to open the door. Niall was surprised to see her with her hair down. He thought it looked nice. "You ready for the tour?" she asked with a smile. Niall nodded. She gestured to her room. "well this is my room. Its baby blue because i love the color blue." she laughed. Niall laughed too. She then escorted him to the Living Room. It had wood flooring and light grey walls that were decorated with Photography. The couches were black leather.

"This is the Nice Room. My mom likes to keep it in perfect condition. I don't think i have ever sat on these couches. So don't like come in here to often." Allie giggled and it sounded cute with her feminine British accent. "The family room is down stairs" she said as she showed him the way down. 

"This is were we can watch the tellie and where my mom has her company." she said gesturing to the bar.

"we arent allowed to drink anything but my mom doesn't notice if you do." she winked.

Just then her mother came out of the laundry room with a basket of clothes. "I better not have heard what I think I did." she laughed. 

Allie laughed. "I was only kidding mum." 

"Mhm that's what I thought." she replied as she put the hamper down. "Hi Niall, nice to meet you, I'm Jill Allie's mom and your mom while you're here." she smiled holding her hand out. Niall smiled and shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you too Jill." he let go of her hand. Jill had very curly black hair and a pale complexion. She was very fit and looked extremely young. Allie and Jill looked as though they could be sisters. 

"So you know the rules, No drinking or wild parties without my consult. And there's really no curfew just don't come home loud if its later then midnight." she explained. Niall nodded his head. Allie picked up the hamper and brought it up the stairs.

"I don't want any, uh, trouble.." Jill said looking at Niall. Niall gave her an odd look.

"I'm sorry i don't understand." Niall replied.

Jill hesitated. "Well you're a boy, and Allie's a girl. I just don't want you guys like hooking up or whatever you kids call it now a days." 

It takes Niall a second but he soon understands what Allie's mom is trying to say. "oh oh oh. I get what you're saying," Niall laughed. "And no worries Mrs. I have a girlfriend back home." he smiled.

Allie walked down the stairs just in time to hear what Niall said. Her heart sank down to her stomach. She shook the feeling off and continued down the stairs with a smile. "Mum I am going to go meet Mark and Derek for basketball..." she said as she held her basketball shorts in her hands. "Have you seen my High-tops?"

"Yes they are in front of the door, why don't you bring Niall with you. It would be a good way for him to meet a few people before school starts next week." she suggested. 

Niall looked to Allie to see her reaction. Her expression was blank. 

"If he wants to, I don't really care."

"I'd love to" he smiled.

    Allie and Niall raced up the stairs and changed into different clothes. Allie changed into her Navy blue basketball shorts and a skin tight white Tank top. she kicked on her White high-tops. and put her hair back up into a high ponytail. she stepped put of her room and waited for Niall. 

    Niall stepped out in his white Basketball shorts and black tee shirt and one of his favorite white snapbacks. "woah" he said as he fixed his eyes on Allie. She looked up at him with a weird look.

"What's your problem?" she asked confused.

Niall hesitated before answering. "oh uh nothing," he replied. "lets go"

     Allie nodded and started for the door with her basketball in her arms. Niall followed her out the door. 

     The walk to the court remained silent, Allie only spoke to Niall to warn him about the pot hole in the sidewalk she always caught herself tripping on. Allie's phone rang. She took her phone out of her shirt and answered it. Niall shook his head and laughed softly. He watched as Allie's cheeks slightly turned red as the voice on the other end spoke. She smiled and giggled. Niall tried to listen but he couldn't make out what the voice was saying. 

"oh hell no Derek we are gonna kick your butt." Allie said with a laugh as they continued walking down the street. Allie's grin was wide, her cheeks were blushing. "You got that right. We will be there in like a second we are almost there." she said. The voice replied something muffled and Allie continued to smile. "Alright see you there, bye!" 

   Niall could see the court a couple of yards out. They continued to the courts in silence. When they arrived, Niall studdied the two guys that stood before him. One was tall and dark haired. Standing next to him was a tall muscular guy. He's eyes were dark green and his hair was long and a light brown, almost blonde color. He flipped his hair out of his face and flashed Allie a lazy smile. 

"Hey Al, who's the friend?" 'Muscles' asked as he peered over at Niall.

"Derek, this is Niall. He's that exchange student I told you about last week." she said looking him in the eyes with a smile. she turned to Niall. "Niall, this is Derek." she pointed to 'Muscles'. Derek's face remained clear of emotion. "and this is Marcus" she continued as she gestured to the dark haired one. Marcus flashed Niall a smile and held his hand out. Niall shook it.

"Nice to meet you Niall. You can call me Mark if you like." he smiled and pulled his hand away.

"Nice to meet you too." Niall replied.

"Oh cool you're Irish? That's sick!" 

Niall laughed a bit. "yes, yes it is." 

Allie bounced the ball and passed it to Niall. Niall caught it with ease. Derek looked at Niall with disgust then turned to Allie. "Can he play ball?" 

Niall turned to Derek with a serious look and checked the ball hard to Derek causing him to lose his balance and stumble back. "I don't know. You tell me." Niall answered. 

Allie laughed nervously. "Okay guy, let's play me and Niall onto you two." '

They guys nodded. "sounds fair enough." Mark replied. 

     Allie and Mark checked the ball. Marked passed the ball to Derek. He dribbled it up court. Niall stole the ball and passed it to Allie, who was open at half court, as Derek and Mark charged him for the ball. She retrieved the ball and bounced it a few times before throwing the ball right into the hoop from the three point line. "swoosh" she said with a smile. 

     Allie and Mark check the ball again. Mark passes it back to Derek. Allie runs to him and guards him, trying to get the ball. Allie looks him in the eye as they are face to face. She smiles and leans in as if to kiss him but instead steals the ball and passes it to Niall. Derek Laughs realizing he'd been tricked. and charged at her. Niall decided to show off a bit and shoots it in from half court. Everyone watched as the ball sunbk right in.

      When the game finally ended, the score was 21 to 14. Allie and Niall had won. They high fived. Allie took out her phone. "We got to head back now, Dinner is ready." 

Niall's stomach growled. "Good because I am starved." 

     They bid their good-byes and started on their way back home. Niall walked beside her and waited until they were out of earshot of the courts before speaking. "So, you got a thing for Derek?" he smiled deviously.

Allie blushes and looks to him. "No," she replies trying to maintain her secret, she gives in. "Why? Is it that obvious?" she laughed faintly.

all laughed and nodded his head. "Yes, very"

Allie smiled down atthe ground "wow okay." She laughed.

Niall smiled "well it's obvious that he likes you too."

Allie looked up and shook her head. "No he has a girlfriend. And she's a lot prettier than me." She sighed.

Niall tried to cheer her up. "Who possibly could be prettier than you? " he smiled.

Allie shook her head shamefully "Clair Edwards." she sneered.

"Let me guess Clair is the captain of the cheer leading squad and Derek's the Quarter Back for the School's football team." Niall said with a faint laugh.

"That's exactly it."

"Well from what I've learned, the girl next door always gets the guy."

"Yeah well this isn't a movie."

"It doesn't have to be."

"Oh shut up." Allie laughed nudging him with her Elbow. Niall laughs and they continue walking home in silence.


Allie walks into the house and shuts the door once Niall gets in. She follows him into the dinning room and sits in her usual spot. Niall sits across from her. Jill walks in with a smile and a plate if chicken.

"Perfect timing." She says as she placed it on the table and takes her seat. She hands out the chicken and puts it on their plates. Niall wolfs his down and Allie takes a few bites and pushes her food around her plate. Niall takes his seconds. Allie gets up and clears her full plate.

"Oh Allie! You barely ate a thing!" Her mom says as she sits back down.

Allie shrugs. "Sorry I'm not too hungry tonight."

"You never are."

     Allie shrugs and sits silently. Niall finishes eating and clears his plate. "Thanks for dinner Jill, it was amazing! I absolutely love chicken. And pretty much anything edible." Niall smiled.

Jill smiled. "Glad you enjoyed it. Why don't you guys go do something ill clean up."

Allie nodded and got upon from table and walked to her room. She plopped down on her bed and took her hair our of the pony tail. She turned on her TV. Niall walked up the stairs and stood in her doorway. "What are you watching?" He asked.

Allie gasped and turned to him. "Holy crap Niall! You scared me," she laughed. "I was just about to put 'Friends' on."

"No way I love that show! Can I watch it too?"

Allie hesitated and then moved over a bit on her bed. "Sure"

Niall smiled and laid beside her on the bed. His eyes were glued to the TV while Allie's were on him. She studied his features. He was really cute. "Do you really have a girlfriend? Or were you just saying that to make my mom shut up?" She blurts out.

Niall turned to her and gave her an odd look.

"You don't have to answer that!" She continued before he could say anything. She was surprised by herself.

Niall laughed softly and looked into her eyes. "Its okay. And yes actually I do. Her name is Holly."

Allie felt disappointed. Just another guy she couldn't have. "Oh." She says breaking the hold he had on her eyes as she looked down. "I bet she misses you"

Niall gave her a funny look.

"Yeah I'm going to shut up now."She says as she turns back to the television.

Niall continued to look at her, only for a moment, he smiled and shook his head before turning back to the TV.

     Time passed by quickly as they laid in Allie's bed. It was about 11:30 and Niall had fallen into a deep sleep feeling exhausted from his long flight. He mumbles something in his sleep and turns over. Allie turns to him and laughs before laying down and closing her eyes. Just as she was about to drift to sleep a thought occurred.

"Shoot I left my basketball!" she whispered to herself.  

Allie stepped out of bed silently, careful not to wake up Niall. She slipped on her Adidas sandals and opened her door slowly. The door creaked. Niall shot up and turned to her. He rubbed his eyes and gave her a confused look.

"Where are you going? It's like midnight." he whispered.

"It's actually only 11:34 to be exact, and I'm going back to the courts, I left my ball." she replied softly. 

Niall slid onto his feet and grabbed his sweatshirt. "Then I'm coming with you, it's way too late for you to be out there by yourself." He slipped into his shoes.

Allie rolled her eyes. "Okay 'dad' you can come too." She said in a sarcastic whisper. They tip-toed out of the house trying to be as silent as possible. 

     Allie walked ahead of Niall when they reached the outside. The sky was pitch black, the moon and stars lit their way. The night sky was breathtakingly beautiful. Niall eventually caught up to the speed walking Allie and matched her pace so they were walking side by side. The cold night breeze gave Allie goosebumps. She shivered and hugged herself trying to beat the cold air. 

"You cold?" Niall asked with somewhat of a laugh.

Allie nodded her head and hugged herself tighter as they walked along the sidewalk. Niall unzipped his sweatshirt and draped it around her shoulders. Allie looked up at him with a smile.

"Thanks." she said softly. 

Niall smiled back. "No problem."

Allie slipped her arms into the long sleeves of Niall's sweatshirt and laughed. "You must have very long arms." She giggled as she held up her arms and showed him the dangling sleeves.

Niall laughed, "It's an Irish thing."

When they arrived at the court there was no sign of Allie's ball. 

"Well we did all that walking for nothing." Allie laughed.

"I wouldn't say for nothing." Niall smiled.

Allie didn't quite understand what Niall meant. She pivoted around and started to walk back home. Niall walked beside her again. They started off silent. Allie was trying to think of something to say. She felt extremely nervous around Niall. She rolled up her sleeves and took in a silent breath. Allie looked up from the ground and looked to Niall.

"How long have you two been dating?" she asked.

Niall turned to her with a smile. "Only a couple of months, why?"

"Oh, just wondering is all." 

"How long has this little crush you have been going on?" he asked with a steady laugh.

Allie tensed up as she began to get nervous. "What crush?" How did Niall know that she was crushing on him? Was she really that obvious?

"The big one you got on your friend Derek." Niall answered as he put his hands into his pockets. 

Allie relaxed a bit. "Oh, uh, since like, maybe, grade seven."

"That long?" he asked surprised.

Allie nodded. "But I'm not really sure anymore, I sort of have a thing for someone else." 

Niall turned to her. "Oh really?"

Allie laughed. "Yes really. Is that so hard to believe?"

They continued walking down the sidewalk. 

"No, I just can't imagine who it could be." 

Allie was about to reply when she tripped on the pot hole. She fell hard to the cement and scraped her knee. Niall stopped in his tracks and turned back to her fast. 

"Oh god Allie, Are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

Allie nodded. "Yeah I'm fine, its just a scrape." She bit her bottom lip as she looked at her knee. She reached up for Niall. "Help me up please."

Niall grabbed her wrist and pulled her up gently. Her knee was badly scraped and blood was flowing out. "Are you sure you're okay? That's a lot of blood for just a scrape."

"Yeah I'm fine." She repeated as she started to walk again. 

Niall watched as she limped ahead slowly. He caught up to her and scooped her into his arms with ease. "Wow, You are as light as a feather." he laughed slightly as he looked ahead and started walking back home.

Allie looked up at him and smiled. His eyes were shining as the moonlight reflected off of them. She remained silent. 

"Seriously though, do you like not eat." he asked trying to keep conversation going. 


"Air doesn't count, mate." he laughed.

"You don't eat air, Mate." she replied mimicking his Irish accent.

Niall laughed. "Pretty good." 

Allie laughed softly.

     When Niall reached the house, he carried Allie up to the bathroom and sat her on the edge of the tub. He searched the cabinet for a bandage. He found the box and pulled it out. He looked from the small bandages to her large scrape.

"I don't think this will do." he laughed. 

"You're right. Just hand me the first aid kit under the sink. I'll take care of it."

"No, no, no I can do it."

Niall grabbed the kit and took out the peroxide. He cleaned her cut and took out a gauze pad. He placed it on her cut and wrapped the gauze straps around it. He smiled up at Allie when he finished. 

"Dr. Horan saves the day." Allie laughed softly. 

Niall winked and yawned. "Well I'm going to bed. I'll see you in the morning." he smiled at her.

Allie stood up and smiled. "Okay, well um, thanks for well," she began but couldn't finish. 

Niall laughed "You're welcome. See you later." he smiled and then walked to his room.

Allie cleaned up and shut the bathroom light off before heading back to her room. She slipped into her Pajamas and then got under the covers of her bed. She thought about everything that had happened on his first day here. She had already fallen in love with a boy she just met. She slept on that thought. 


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