Forgotten Souls

This story is entered in the "what's hidden on your street" competition so please like and comment because this competition is based on that criteria.

A few years ago two girls went missing in a supposedly abandoned house and now three kids are braving the house and trying to unravel the secret of what really happened that night.
The story doesn't end there it is also the tragic story of how the house came to be.

22Me gustan

1. Prologue

 My parents always told me to never walk around my street at night, I never knew why they were so stubborn about that rule my street was so standard. I thought this until December 23rd, my school had finished for Christmas holidays and I was going to a Christmas party at some random jocks house I don’t even know, but my friend forced me. The party went to into the depths of the night and by the time it was done I was drunk as a… something that’s always drunk. I couldn’t drive and neither could         my friend so we walked. Big mistake.

As I stumbled my way home with my friend making loud, obnoxious comments as we pass by people’s houses. We made the houses light up and the residents make loud yells of anger, all we did was laugh, until we had a follower. We were still five blocks from my house and the dark, looming figure was gaining on us. We did what we were always told to do, try to get into someone else’s house. We walked confidently, trying not to trip over our own feet into the only house with its lights on. I pretend to fumble for fake keys lost in my purse, when I “didn’t” have them I knocked. The door flew open with my slightest touch. The warm air flew out at us a heated our skin and rid us of the layer of goose bumps that covered our skin.

We walked into the house as if we owned the place but, so did he. It was a trap.

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