Society's main goal was to judge, so, naturally, they had come up with a system for describing. Girls were described through various patterns; Floral being the sweethearts, while Lace was reserved for the baddest of the bad. Boys were described through various colors; Blues were the boys every parent wished their girls would chase after, but the Reds always ended up being the boys every girl would die for. Players. Cheaters. Liars, but they were irresistible. What happens when a Floral falls for the biggest Red?

6Me gustan

1. Prologue


     Society. They rule over everything you do, everything you say. They decide what you'll do, who'll you communicate with, where you'll live. But, out of the deep pits of their cruel hearts, they've decided to let you pick who'll you will spend the rest of your life with. Every generation before,  there has been a ceremony; Tomber en amour; a Ceremony Dedicated to Love.There, you would find your true love, whether it be from your hometown or from the neighboring four towns.       Grace, Gloss, Dynamic, Bravo and Glitz are what makes up Enchanted. Grace was dedicated to the older couples who were almost at the end of their road, but weren't ready to stop fulfilling their lives. Gloss was dedicated to the girls who cared about their careers and life over the ability of love. No men are allowed in Gloss, it's a town completely run by women, created by women for women. Dynamic is the complete opposite. It's for men who'd rather live alone than fall in love, men who believe women are just a creation society formed for an excuse for everything wrong in the world. Bravo is the home of all others. Families, children, teens, it's for everyone who just wants to live the same life that was lived before Society created Grace, Gloss, Dynamic & Glitz.         Glitz is the place to be. It's where every teenager dreams to be. The fame, the fortune, the life. Only people ages 14-29 can enter Glitz, but that doesn't stop anyone from attempting to cross the grounds. Some say, that on the border of Bravo & Glitz, there's a slit Society still has yet to notice. Many 'twenty - nine year olds' slip in occasionally, wanting to relive the best years of their lives.         During the Tomber en amour, you were allowed to choose which town you'd marry in. The peaceful women usually chose the beautiful land of Grace, while the audacious girls would party it up at Glitz. Now, that Society has decided to allow us to pick, they've laid a few rules onto the playing field. Reds and Florals should not clash. The relationship would be completely unpredictable, it would be too hard to encase in Society's thick grasp. Blues and Laces, on the other hand, are allowed to intermix- as long as the relationship is entirely emotional, not physical embracement allowed.
        This isn't a problem, though. Reds and Florals have barely talked let alone grown feelings for one another. They were on opposite sides of the stratosphere. They were opposites, nothing in common, no need for communication. It was always that way. Florals and Blues communicated, Reds and Laces communicated. Simple.
        Now our story doesn't start in the peaceful lands of Grace, nor the sexist lands of Dynamic or Gloss, not even the exciting lands of Glitz, but at the neutral land of Bravo... 
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