A bunch of my poetry all about depression, cutting and suicide. enjoy lol :)
each poem is its own.

13Me gustan

1. Critical


I feel alone,

Even when I am surrounded by my friends,

I don’t fit in,

With their likes or dislikes,

With their friends,

With their world,

I’m not a pretty,

Or smart,

Or talented as they are,

And for that my wrists burn,

They burn from the lack of love for myself,

They burn from my unable to fit in,

They burn from my own doing.


Sometimes I hate myself,

I’m a loner,

A fatty,

A poor excuse for a teenager.

I am a pessimist,

And someone how think the worst in people,

I get paranoid,

And scared,

Sometimes I can’t find a way to comfort myself.


All I want is to be accepted,


Cared for,


I only speak this in my mind,

I would never dare to speak my mind,

They will never know how I feel,

I will always be invisible,

Unless I take a stand,



I never will.

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