Not Like The Rest

When 18 year old Nicole Bent (or as her friends call her, Nicki) finds out that her parents died in a car crash, she and her friend Olivia get one of those expensive apartments. Nicki inherited all the money her parents had, plus the house she used to live in. In order to pay for the apartment, she sold the house. Little did she know, in this building lived the famous "one direction". And she didnt like it. That was the thing, Nicole wasnt a huge crazed fan. In fact, all she liked was their music. The famous Harry Styles starts to fall for Nicole, but will she give in?

20Me gustan

1. Worship? I like that.

Nicole's POV


I groan and get up to answer the door. Me and my friend Olivia literally JUST movied in to this apartment and someone is already visited. Olivia is in her room, probably listening to One Direction. Shes a dedicated fan, and im... not so much. The only thing i like about them is their music, because its catchy. I open the door and see 5 guys in front of me. "No! Not you guys. Really? Are you really standing in front of me right now?" i groan. "Oh. Uhh... Ello. We are One Direction, here to welcome you to your new apartment!" they say, noticing I'm not the biggest fan. "Thanks. I guess. Hold on" i say. "OLIVIAAAAAA! PEOPLE ARE HERE!" I scream. "People...?" they ask. I nod. She walks out of her room and gasps. "OH MY GOD. Am i dreaming? Im dreaming." she thinks. "Nope. Now say hi." she waves excitedly, trying not to pass out. They wave back, and i let them in. "So uhh we live upstairs! Theres five rooms per floor, if you havent noticed. We nod. "Well so far, youre pretty much  the only ones that stay here except for us. Most teens either think that this place is in the middle of no where (thats why we're here. Not a lot of fan-people. Not a lot of people.), or the price. Anyone else couldnt care less that we're famous." One says. i think his name is Harry. Yeah, im pretty sure his name is Harry. I nod and so does Livvy.


The next morning, we go to the pool. I lay down on a chair and put on my sunglasses. I here Olivia say hi to someone. Oh no. That can only mean one thing. "Hi! Nicole, right?" i hear the familiar British accent next to me. I turn to face Harry. "Yeah." i reply. "You dont seem to like us very much." he looks at me. I shake my head. "Its not that i dont like you, its just that your like every other boy band. I do not see the big deal, i dont see why everyone worships you." i tell him. He laughs. "Worship? Im going to start saying that. I like it."

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