One Chance

Miley is a great singer but she doesn't realise it- she is very shy too. She has a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity to apply for a talent show to maybe star in the opening ceremony for the olympics!! Will she take the chance or chicken out?

3Me gustan

1. Miley

Miley Emma Warren

12 years old


Romford, Essex


Miley pushed away her bowl.


'You've got to eat' said her Mum, Caroline. 'Enough of this Miss Skinny-Is-Perfect, your fine the way you are' she said stroking her hazel hair.

'I'm not hungry' Miley said in a deep,gloomy voice. 

' it' she whispered calmly. Sighing, Caroline's argumentative daughter stomped up to her room. Miley didn't have a stereo-typical girl's room, no, she had sunny yellow paint draped  on her walls , and wrapped around her room was posters of famous singers, and plenty of homemade collages. Black musical notes were stuck on her walls, too.

She twisted the volume to max and sang along to the pop music the radio was pumping out. Creak!She stoped her dance routine and stared at her Mum who was frowning. 

'KNOCK!' Miley screamed before bursting into a laughing fit along with her mother.

'I love you, you do know that?' Caroline asked.

'YES!Why do you always say that?' Miley sat on her mothers lap.

'Because i dont want you to forget that.I never want you  to feel lonely,were always here for you,you know that.'

'I love you too, and that will never happen'

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