So this is my FIRST book, yeah, it won't be perfect but I'll try.
It's about a girl who feels lonely when it comes to family,so she puts family before friends, when disaster strucks, she loses someone close to her & her home is destroyed due to a mistake. She hopes to re-build her life, being part of her family.

4Me gustan

1. Life.

Life is unfair. All of it. Friends,love,family,EVERYTHING. And it all had to happen to me,right? 

So I just woke up and I go downstairs , mum,dad and Abby are all out.Again.Without telling me. I make some toast and I sit waiting for it and the phone rings, freaking me out. I answer it and it's Nana Poppy. She sounds sad. 

'Mia,darling, is your mother there?'

'No,she's out,again'


'What's wrong Nan?'

'Well...erm..' she hesitates and bursts into tears.Then the phone line cuts off. I quickly dial her number but she doesnt pick up. I go over the conversation in my head:

Nan asks me if mums home. I tell her she's out again. She sighs. I ask whats wrong. A familiar voice drags nana away. I suddenly realise something bad could have happened. I grab my leather jacket and rush to the door, but before I run out I grab my keys. Her house is a few roads away from ours. I practically run the whole way forgetting I would soon wheeze. My inhaler was at home,in my bag. My back pocket vibrates.

Emma X Sent You A Message

Hey, you still up for shopping at four?xx

I stuff my phone in my back pocket and forget my best-friend, from now on family comes first.

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