Note to self: Jay's Story.

Jay is a normal teenager - like you and me. But is she about to make the biggest mistake of her life, is she going to go to far - will she get hurt? This is the diary of Jay, telling her story through her own point of view...

8Me gustan

1. Fakery.

Dear Diary,


Why the hell are boys so dumb?! I mean c'mon, it's a tiny bit obvious that I fancy him. Well, actually I hate the word fancy - I love him. Granted that may be early saying it! Well actually no it's not, I have fancied him for a while now and he can't even see it! What's worse you may ask, is that his friends have started to notice - and his friends are all boys too! So saying that, that first sentence should be 'Why the hell is the one gorgeous boy, that's so tall and just plain gorgeous so dumb?!' Well, not dumb, just stupid!


Sorry diary, rant over! Just why hasn't he noticed, I might as well go and buy a push-up bra and cover my self in the darkest fake tan I can find so that he will notice me! That's how I'm feeling at the moment. These days that's what you have to do - otherwise you're not part of society at all. Mind saying that, this boy doesn't seem to go for the fakery of a teenage girl when I think about his past lovers. They all seem quite genuine, nice and... 'normal'. Like me. I'm normal. I have a curvy firgue and I should be proud of it. I don't wear a think layer of make-up to the point were I look orange. I don't wear a push up bra or a top short enough that my tits fall out! I'm normal and that's the way we should be. Normal may be the wrong way to describe it but I can't think of another word. 


I'm normal and that's the way it's going to be.

Note to self: Don't become a Barbie doll, be yourself - that's all anyone can ask for...


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