The Girl of the Elements

Accalia has always been different, she knows it. But when people start to notice that she seems to be changing in apperence, so does she. Her once brown hair tints to red, her normally tanned skin lightens to almost white. And her eyes from emerald green, to ocean blue. This was a gift, but at the same time, it will kill her. She has to leave everyone she's ever loved behind, except one person...

6Me gustan

1. Summer Dazed

The sweet green fingertips tickled my feet as I lightly stepped across the summer dazed garden. The rays of the sun made the Earth golden, showing it's real beauty. Which most people can't see, but it's always there. It is visible to the naked eye, but you have to look beyond the bare skin of ugly of the world. Which is our fault, we made this world ugly, but only skin deep. As I can to the end of the stretch of the grass, I came to the pond. The waterlillies levitated just above the surface of the water, still, never moving. Unless the gentle summer breeze blowed down from the Heavens, to cool the Earth's English Summer. The pond was shaded by a willow tree, it's arms outstretched, trying to ripple the water's surface. I sat down, with my back rubbed against the tree's bark, it's roughness scratched past my white vest. All I wore was my underwear, a pair of blue jeans, and the vest. I always wanted to feel the Nature's breath on my pale, almost snow like skin. The smoothness of the wind swept me from my life. It's complication, stress and depressingness. But surrounded by Nature, with the wind brushing my red hair. I'm completely at rest, and in comfort. Of knowing that Nature will protect me, like all other Humans. But not all Humans look after Nature, not as much as she cares for us. On this Earth, there is a place for everyone. And this, this is where I belong. In my personal Heaven. The green grass holding me in the Sun's warmth, and the Willow tree shading me from burns. And the pond, gently rippling in Heaven's breath. I've never been at more peace, and most likely, I won't ever be in the future. The Summer dazed me, I smiled. Summer might be too hot, but on cool days. With the Sun casting a golden glow on the World, everything is perfect...

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