My Life My Death

Talia is a 16 year old ghost. her ex-best friend killed her and her friends, but Jamie and Katie are not what they were. They were all murdered and the killer is never caught for the doing, but Talia, Jamie, Paul and Katie all want her dead. how will they do it and will they be able to???

16Me gustan

1. fairytale come true? help!!

My name is Talia Sanders; I am a ghost and have been for nearly ten years. I am 16 years old and I don’t age anymore so you should be envying me right at this point in time. I have dirty blond hair, green eyes, tanned skin (natural of course) and freckles on my nose. I have never been a popular girl but I make friends where ever I go. My cheerful, bubbly and outgoing personality has helped me make friends and survive life along with Paul. I have been a part of much death overtime and the guilt of it never washes away. No matter how long my showers, it just doesn’t go away. My killer, who is the main reason for all these deaths, was my best friend in my younger years of life but now she is my worst nightmare. She is a murderer but not everyone knew or knows that.

Her boyfriend, Dexter Forge, tried to stop her, to save her from death but failed with the save her from death part. Anyway here’s my story and it will start where it all began. And no I’m not talking about from birth, from near my death.


It is three hours before Jamie’s birthday party and I am getting ready. It is four in the afternoon and I am sitting in front of my large mirror putting my triquetra earrings on. I sit and wonder how my life got to be this good, like nothing can go wrong and everything is perfect for once.


Thoughts rush into my head all at once. They clog my brain and make it stop working. I shake my head to eliminate all my thoughts. I shift them aside for later when things are actually going wrong but when things are perfect for me I don’t feel like worrying about anything.


I stand and walk to my closet. I search through it to find the heels that Jamie is forcing me to wear. Its Jamie’s sixteenth so what Jamie wants, Jamie gets and one of those wants is for everyone to wear heels and be formal. So in other words, wear a really pretty dress, really pretty heels and splatter make up all over your face to look like a clown. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

I grab the shoes and put them next to the door so I won’t forget them, which is still highly likely to happen. I walk back over to my closet and lean over all my junk, which has been collected over the years, and slide the back of my hand down the back of the closet. The further my hands slide down the back of the closet the more stabbing pain I feel in my stomach. The dress I am searching for is right down the back and down the bottom, what a coincidence. I feel the material and pull it out hoping for the best. It comes out in perfect shape and I thank god for not putting any rips in the dress while it was in my closet or my personal junk yard which ever you want to call it.


I walk to my bed and lay it down flat along my bed. The sun beats down onto the dress. The sequins light up and the blue, green silk shines. It is right at this moment that I don’t regret letting Jamie pick the dress. The dress fades from blue, near my shoulders, to green. It’s a strapless dress that has a thin, almost see-through material lying over the top of the silk with little sequins stitched onto it.



“What was that?” I spin around and look towards my door. Nothing is there. I turn back around and sit on the side of my bed.


“Oh god it wasn’t my imagination.” I whisper. I slowly turn around only this time there is a crystal white wolf standing in my doorway. It looks at me curiously but starts to smile and starts to walk towards me on all four paws. It doesn’t take its eyes off me for a second. It looks as if it’ll eat me alive. It stops a metre in front of me and looks down upon me. “What the hell are you?”

“Me? Werewolf” its voice is gravelly and harsh. I now officially believe in fairy tales. The werewolf turns around and walks out the door. It wraps its tail around the door knob and closes it as he walks out.


A few seconds later, a flash of bright white light shines beneath my door. It is blinding and painful. It only lasts a few seconds then it starts to slither out from underneath my door.


The light is now gone and I hear footsteps. The person grabs the door handle and opens the door slowly. He walks in, only this time when he looks up at me his expression turns from happy, I think, to horrified.


He stands there like a statue, horrified out of his mind. I turn around to look towards my window to see what he was looking at. Paul stands there ready to shoot. His gun points at the werewolf until the werewolf decides that he will try to escape. The werewolf runs out of my room and down towards the stairs. Paul is seconds behind him and now at the stairs. He shoots. I hear a thud and take it that it was the werewolf falling down onto the stairs then rolling down onto the ground.


Paul returns to my room and heads for the window. “Don’t ask who that was.” Paul has a harsh tone in his voice, one I had never heard before.

“Ok then.” I don’t mean to sound rude but it just did. Paul turns and looks at me. His face is emotionless. He stares me in the eyes as if trying to tell me something important. “Who was he?” I pause for a second. Then walk towards Paul so we are face to face. “Paul?”

“Jason. He works for Natalia. She sent him here to kill you. So if you see him, run for your life.” Paul turns for the window. I stop him in mid-stride. “What?” he is angry and becoming impatient with me. I don’t know what I have done to make him that way.


“No. I have to go back to my house.”

“Come back?”

“If I get time to.”


“Fine but give me an hour or so.” Paul turns around and jumps out my window and onto my front lawn.


I start to see the world spinning. Now it starts to blur. The blur starts to fade but the colours mix together. I fall backwards and as I do I become less conscious of the world around me and soon I am lying unconscious on my bedroom floor.

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