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A list of the best movellas authors. Just my private opinion.

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    Beyond Awesome. No more explanation needed.
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    Lapis Lazuli
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    Hi. I'm a 15 yr old American high school sophomore. I like to read and write and watch cartoons. You can call me Lapis or Mike. Tumblr: teamchaosprez Kik: fnaftrash YouTube: TeamChaosPrez Fanfiction:...   
    Epic, Amazing and just as Lunatic as me.
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    Megites Nightshade
    Stories by the author33Fans of the author305Comments posted to stories by author2929
    I am a unique individual, some might say weird even. I just like standing out and being unusual. I am a reader and writer; a beater and biter of words. They are my passions - reading takes you to new worlds,...   
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    my life in fantoms:) *Harry Potter*The Hunger Games*Supernatural*Sherlock*Divergent*Doctor Who*Percy Jackson*The Kane Chronicles*More will come soon* If you EVER want to talk about fandoms, or fangirl...   
    Unbelievably, Amazingly, Awesomely, Epicly, Great. Duh.
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    Gotta love her.
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    heyyhihello :D   
    My thinking? "You are awesome."
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    Lily Anna
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    Fiction writer. I mostly write crime/mystery themed stories with the occasional make believe aspect. I try (and hope) to make my characters interesting but believeable. (I also love to make book covers.) (An...   
    Just about as awesome, as awesome goes.
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    Fun to talk to when bored, but don't bring up Nutter Butters.

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