Fanfiction Royale

por , lunes septiembre 14, 2015
Fanfiction Royale


A competition that's all about the fanworks!


Remember Battle of the Fandoms? A few months ago, we held a competition to find the best fanfiction out of 15 different fandoms. This competition is something different. This time around, it's not about what fandom you're from, but what kind of fanfiction you're into! Let me elaborate... 

There are so many different types of fanfiction that it was necessary to create an encyclopedia just to try and keep track of all of them (see: This variety is part of what makes the fanfiction universe so easy to get lost in, since there's something for everyone! We at Movellas love this variety and want to support all our fanwork creators, which is why we decided to create Fanfiction Royale. Consider this a friendly free-for-all competition that's all about the fanfiction, fanart, and trailers. 


The Competition

- Write a fanfiction that falls within one of these categories (to read a bit more about each type of category, see our post on it here):

  • Crossover
  • Songfic
  • Noromo
  • Bandfic
  • Alternate Universe (AU)
  • Other: A category of your choice

​- Create your best fan art, covers, and trailers


The Prizes

One overall winner will receive a gift card* worth £30 ($45) 

Two runners up will receive a gift card worth £20 ($30) each

Best fanart will win a gift card (£20/$30)

Best cover will win a gift card (£20/$30)

Best trailer will win a gift card (£20/$30


*Gift cards are redeemable in either iTunes or Google Play store. Winners' choice.


The Details

- To enter, click on the green button that says Join Competition and submit your movella.

- Submit each entry in a separate movella.

- Multiple entries allowed (1 per category). 

- State clearly what category you are entering in the description of your movella. If you are entering a category of your own choosing, write a one line definition of what kind of fanfiction it is. 

- Co-authored entries not allowed.

- Remember to tag your movellas with the relevant keywords (i.e., if you're writing a crossover, use the tag "crossover").

- Fan art entries should be published within first chapter of a movella as an embedded image.

- Trailer entries should be published as a Youtube video in the Trailer section 

- Remember to follow the ratings guidelines, no matter what category of fanfiction you're writing. 

- Entries must be published on a date after the competition start (September 14, 2015)


The competition ends on November 2, 2015 (23:00 GMT/16:00 PST) 

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