The Second Poetry Competition

por , lunes diciembre 24, 2012
The Second Poetry Competition

Our last poetry competition had an incredible reaction. There were nearly 250 entries and the winning poem is going to be published by if:book soon. So we are very happy to team up with Macmillan and Gaby Morgan to bring you our second poetry contest that could see your poems featured in a new collection!  


The Movellas Poetry Competition with Macmillan: Stanza and Deliver


This is writing in its purest form. Writing without rules. Or with rules - it depends what type of poem you are writing. Your inspiration can be an image, a word, a person, an event or an emotion. It can rhyme or be weirdly disjointed. No one really knows, but many people have tried to say what great poetry is


Editorial Director of the Macmillan Children's Books poetry list (and judge for this contest) Gaby Morgan can make you tingle when she talks about poetry:


Poetry is rather wonderful and a brilliant way of expressing your feelings or celebrating an event. You can find a poem to suit every mood and they are a great way of telling other people how you feel. Poems are all around us every day from pop songs to advertising jingles to silly rhymes and they give rhythm to life.  Some poetry is more obscure and takes effort to decipher but it is a very special form of writing.


Well, now that you have decided to enter, what should you do next?


1. Write a poem. 

2. Upload poem to Movellas. 

3. (Not compulsory) Add a video of you reading or performing your poem to your movella. Check out our intern reading her poem for some inspiration.

4. Watch poem get liked, favourited and commented on.

5. Tell your friends and family about your poem.

6. Check out our weekly blog posts from popular poets and writers giving you advice and inspiration. 

7. Keep it together until the deadline (February 28th) and then wait for our panel of judges to announce the winners.


The prize


This is the most exciting part! We have teamed up with Macmillan to bring you the ultimate poetic prize. At least 25 of the best poems will be published as an e-book with a foreword from Gaby Morgan, Editor of the awesome collection of love poems In My Sky At Twilight


Please read the terms and conditions before entering. 




P.S We have a poetry app for your iPhone or iPod with all the best poems from Movellas on!


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