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Directioner since 4/26/2012.
I love Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. Not a very good writer, but I love coming up with stories, and reading 1Dfanfics!

Freaking Ziley and Nimina all the way! <3


Niall Girl and also Harry Girl.
Call me a Narry Girl.

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Okay, so I am no longer going to continue using Movellas (maybe) to write fanfics, instead, I am transferring all my movellas (but not Ms. Fancy Pants) to Wattpad, and I am writing on there. :-)
My Wattpad is @NiallersPotatoUSA

I am actually not leaving forever.

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    mumbled "my inactivity"

    i know i am not on often, and i apologize, i am mostly on wattpad
    i wish the movella app would allow you create stories on their like the movella app but sadly it doesn't
    but also, even though i have gotten a laptop, there is a lot of family issues going on at the moment, such as my grandmother is in the hospital. :( i have no motivation to get on here, but i am trying! I apologize though because i haven't updated Ms. Fancy Pants fast enough

    thank you for even bearing with me!! xx
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    Well, if it's any help, if you update the app, now you can write stories on there :). And I hope your grandmother gets better!
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    mumbled "If you did not know..."

    I was leaving because I'm using Wattpad now... My wattpad is NiallersPotatoUSA... But anyways, that is not the case... I am not leaving, I am going to finish Ms. Fancy Pants and then we will see what happens from there. Sorry for my inactivity.
    Love you guys :) <3
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    Hey you! YES YOU READING THIS! Please read my One Shot called 'Anchored My Heart' ( movellas.com/en/book/read/201301290033456426 ) THERE ARE WAY BETTER WRITERS OUT THERE! But I spent time on this One Shot and it's my first One Shot ever, so it would mean so much to me if you could take some time to read it. I won't lie, it's not super uber short, but I had fun writing it! I would love it you could like and favorite it :) PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE! (Omg I love feedback too)
    Purple Waves 💜
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    Please read my movella "Valentine Direction" and like and comment please. I will be very grateful if I won and I love one direction so this is the best competition for me to enter. Thanks xxx
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