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Heyy guys I've pretty much completely moved to wattpad now so if you like my stuff please check me out there. My usename is also YaPrtyMuch.
Thanks! <3

My ships

von , Mittwoch Mai 3, 2017
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My ships

These are all of my ships and the fandom they're from

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  • YaPrtyMuch
    vor 10 MonatenAntworten
    dude this is so freaking scary... i cant sleep for the past month and when i do sleep its full of nightmares. I hallucinate all my waking hours that freddy is following me and i see shadows of all the other ones. im so frekaing scrarded dude im so scaeed i always cry when i thinkabout it YOUR STORY RUINED MY LIFE IDOIT
    The Night Shift|DISCONTINUED|
    The Night Shift|DI...
    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is known as a kid friendly restaurant where animatronics such as Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chicka the Chicken, and Foxy the fox entertain children. Soon a nightshift pops...
  • YaPrtyMuch

    mumbled "Active Again??!?!?!"

    vor 11 MonatenAntworten
    Hey guys, it's been a good few months since I've been online. I moved to Wattpad in 2018 but I kinda missed it here..
    I'm not sure if I'll be very active but I think I'm gonna at least try writing on here again.
    Also: If you followed me for Joshler, I'm sorry but I won't be writing any more of that haha. It's probably just gonna be Papyton unless I find something else.
    Lowkey I'm not even sure if any of my followers are active lol.
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