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  • Phantom Eclipse

    mumbled "Im really sorry for typing this. I know alone of people don't exactly care but honestly... It hurts"

    I've been staying with my step mom for a week and she keeps blaming me for things that I didn't even do. First she took all of her kids to the movies and decided to drag me along and after got after me because she said I told the people out side of the theater room that the movie sucked. Which I did not. Then took her kids to dinner and told my dad I was ignoring her which also made him angry with me. And worst of all, My dad told me to just get over it and move on. This has basically been happening all my life. Just because Im not her kid then she basically hates me. She was teller her friend the other day that she loves having me around.

    TCH, BOLE CRAP!!! She just... Danit!
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    *hugs* im sorry that yoku have to deal with that but if you need someone to talk to im here for you
    Phantom Eclipse
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