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I'm just a girl who is Wishing Upon a Star.
I'm a fan of Doctor Who,Harry Potter , Percy Jackson , and Bones (a.k.a The best show ever).

See ya later. ~Cam

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    mumbled "I'm Thankful For..."

    I'm thankful for so many things. And, you guys don't even know why I'm thankful for this site's community. Heck, you all think I'm crazy for saying this. But having 9 followers is a blessing. And I appreciate it so much. Even though I had over 200 at one point, I understand now I'm thankful for starting over. You have no idea what kind of person you molded me into. A much less bratty, much less bitchy, much less judgmental , and so many more things. So many people told me I was childish, told me I was so dramatic, well that helped me realize, your criticism wasn't meant to be hurtful, but was meant to help me. So, I am thankful for,
    @[Delilah Snow-Apple]
    @[QuEeN GlACieR IcE PAn]
    @[A Chemical Reaction.]
    You all might just say I shouldn't be here. You all might hate me. But, if you really hated me, you all would have let me stay the bitch I was.
    Thank you.
    Glacier Ice
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    I'm thankful for too Cam
    Wishing Upon a Star
    Well Cambie is thankful for you.

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