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I'm just a wandering guy who enjoys writing. Fantasy and science fiction are my main genres. I also do a bit of non-fiction.

Huge fan of superpowers, "SQUAD#11" is my tribute to awesome superheroes everywhere.

Outside of the internet I'm an American Sign Language interpreter in training.

Hold tight to your imagination! No idea is too crazy in fiction. Give everything a chance!

**1st place winner in the Advent 3/Week 3 holiday competition!

  • Will-Writes

    mumbled "Editing. The never ending process..."

    Took down some chapters of Alternate Gear for editing. Just felt like they didn't set up future events of the story. Granted, I'll be expanding on a ton of things in later installments but right now it feels incomplete, as if things are coming out of nowhere. Hahahaha. I'll repost this weekend, minus the character profiles.
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