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Name: Victoria
Age: 21
Birthday: feb 14
Height: 5'8
Weight: 95 lbs
Relationship status: taken
Sexuality: bi
Favorite music genre: punk rock
Favorite band: Bring Me The Horizon
Favorite song: Throne -BMTH
Favorite book: pillow thoughts
Favorite movie: if I stay
Favorite YouTuber: Smosh, Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas
I'm also pastel goth!
Anything else? Ask me!

  • Bunny Biatch
    Oh my god so idk if you remember me or like- okay it's been forever but this is Victoria we met on a site called quotev and like okay I was kinda going through old contacts and shit on my old phone and then I was like.. holy balls this is Trinity we haven't talked in forever but omg we had so many amazing conversations. I've been reaaallly busy and it happens a lot but ahhh I wanna keep in contact again
    Trin Trin
    vor 2 Jahren
    What's been going on lately?? Any drama
    Bunny Biatch
    vor 2 Jahren
    Ohhh yeah
    Trin Trin
    vor 2 Jahren
    Whats been going on?
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