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Poems are songs a heart
Cannot bear to sing;
and stories are words an
author cannot say aloud.


Victoria's Place

von , Dienstag Oktober 18, 2016
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 Victoria's Place

Hello World!

A Brief Apology

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  • Victoria Wethers

    mumbled "HELLO"

    I am in the process of moving my book, Ascardia to Movellas! Think of it as a Christmas present to all my followers!

    I wish to apologize for being gone so long. It was never my intention of just disappearing. These past three years have been challenging and complicated to explain...I was in a dark place for a long time and this new story of mine Ascardia is one of the reasons I've resurfaced. I am extremely proud of it and I hope all of you check it out soon.

    As many of you recall I was engaged for awhile; well I am no longer engaged and that is another reason for my absence. My relationship with my ex was extremely toxic and I didn't want to recognize the signs of the mental abuse. But I'm much better now and I'm ready to write and read all of your stories!
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