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I am KPOP trash.

  • Vasi Marin

    mumbled "New fanfic?"

    Hi guys, I know that pretty much noone sees these mumbles, but I wanted to make one to let you know that I am currently working my ass off on a new fanfic, and I would very much appreciate it if you checked it out (when it comes out) :) I personally think its turning out great! If you are not fanned you definitely should click that fan button, and keep in touch with me so you are the FIRST one to read the brand new book ^.^ HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY!
  • Vasi Marin
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    I love My Digital Escape DX!! There should be more stories on Movellas.
    Warped Love
    Warped Love
    Sirena is a small youtuber from LA, when Warped tour asks her to be one of the 'Warped Youtubers' with her best friend Damon Fizzy along with three other Youtubers who she is a big fan of, Johnnie Guilbert,...
    Plutos Princess
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    This might not be alll MDE buut theres like 3/7 and the others are mentioned so i guess it counts (: Hope you like it so far :3
  • Vasi Marin

    mumbled "I UPDATED OMG"

    HI GUYS I finally decided to sit down get my shizz together ,and update one of my stories. Since Facebook [n/h] is already finished I decided to update the second book in the series which is Unknown #. I think its pretty good so u shall check it out XP
  • Vasi Marin

    mumbled "Facebook [n.h] update"

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    wow! guys ur honestly amazing, my fanfiction 'Facebook [n.h]' reached almost 15k readers, and to me that's insane.
    I recently began editing a new story, and ill be more than happy if you guys check it out when it comes out. Love yall so much
    If you wanna text me, or just hit me up.
    my kik is - vassiofficial
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