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Hello internet!
I assume since you're here you want to know more about me, or maybe you're silently cursing because you accidentally clicked this- but hey! Since you're here, might as well know more about a random stranger who you'll probably never meet in real life, right?
my name is Emery, nice to meet you here. I'm a socially awkward band girl. Who is also a fangirl. It's the best of both worlds, I tell ya.
My favorite bands are
•my chemical romance
•Pierce the veil
•sleeping with sirens
•of mice and men (warped tour woo)
•icon for hire
•the used
•I Fight Dragons
If I say all of them I'd probably bore you into leaving my beautiful introduction and id hate to do that. I'll probably say I 'hate everyone' but don't let that fool you because I actually care quite a lot and if you ever need someone to talk to, I swear on some-famous-person-I-care-about-more-than-food that I'll listen, because you all are very important and more than just an adding following number to me and I want to be there for each and every one of you.
Well, I'll see you around!

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    mumbled "Hello everyone!!"

    Hi! I just got back from dragon con! It was so much fun<3 i met someone who played on doctor who and he was SO nice! I couldn't even believe how nice he was! And then I met Adam Baldwin who played John Casey on a show called Chuck and that was really cool too- he was also nice:)
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    adam baldwin is he the character jayne in firefly? (sorry to hijack this)
    Tonks Fairyworth
    vor 5 Jahren
    You like chuck! Cool! Me and my brother love that show. If you like chuck you should check out psych it's a police show/comedy (kinda like chuck)
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    I want to stop this. Being hurt that way is sick. Being made fun of for who you are and bullied for who you are messes people up and why shouldn't it? It's who you are. I've been bullied before and I hate it when I see it happening here! A little while ago on here I had someone call me names because I didn't like the kind of music that they liked, and it's so dumb. That hurts people. Everyone here is a person. And I hate this because we all have feelings. I want this to stop.
    Stop Bullying, Speak Up!!
    Stop Bullying, Spe...
    To get your name put on the petition, see details in the first chapter. Help stomp out bullying!!
    Emma Hurley
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    That is amazing so far I like your work!!!! You should do more Movellas like that! ��
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    mumbled "Thank you.."

    I'm very sorry- Thank you to everyone who sent me messages... I read all of them and that was really special to me. I obviously haven't done it- I still want to but I might get help. After that I'll probably be back more. I am so sorry... I love you guys so much.
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    Please don't. There are people out there who love you. You made a wise choice. You can always find a friend if you look hard enough. Sometimes, their right in front of you.
    Beautifully Saiyan Panda
    Indeed. We will never leave you or forsake you.
    vor 6 Jahren
    I'm so glad you didn't do it and don't forget how many people are out there who love you, and there are probably allot :)
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