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Hello, I'm tiger22 - I got the name from my pet gerbil tiger. I like Reading, knitting, counted cross-stitch/half cross-stitch and horseriding (as you may have guessed . As well as reading - lots:) My favourite authors are Richard Dawkins, James Herriot, and Terry pratchet in that order.
Please read my movellas; and COMMENT, even if you hate it I would welcome any feedback.

  • Tiger22
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    Good, but a few spelling mistakes; I think you got a little confused at the beginning of the second last paragraph where you wrote, "numerous, my family and I" It is also very slightly dull - surely more the sort of thing you should be writing for your english diary assesment? However, the quality of description and grammer is better than before, and it picks up towards the end. (but remember - capital letter for I) So I am going to favourite it anyway.
    God Save Our Gracious Queen
    God Save Our Graci...
    2012 brought HRH Queen Elizabeth IIs diamond jubillee. It drewn all of the UK together and no matter the weather everybody kept smiling
  • Tiger22
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    I agree with everything you said, you should have won. I used to get laughed at because I didn't know what a playstation was or what youtube was for. And yet it is still said that we spend too much time on teh computer/video games. How is that fair??
    Written in the Stereotypes (Huffington Post Contest Entry)
    Written in the Ste...
    Please read and like! Why is society branding teens as illiterate twits? Are we really? Would we rather play MW3 than read a beautifully written book? This is my entry for standing up. We are not illiterate,...
    Nova XWN
    vor 7 Jahren
    I noticed that the winners were 16/17 and that they were all from England. Maybe there were regulations I didn't know about... IDK.
  • Tiger22
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    Geat as usual - just one thing when she meets the boy from her school it says " I heard yelling" but I thought she was deaf
    Pirouette's, Pointe Work and Weight
    Pirouette's, Point...
    *For Ollie, the amazing writer who I will never forget in all my years of living and so on*This story was inspired by The Script and Will.I.Am's song 'Hall of Fame'. Well it was really inspired by their...
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