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I ship way too many ships.

Welcome to the gay parade.

  • The_Glambert23
    OMFG! I really like this story! I'm pretty much obsessed with Ashton so omfg!
    Roses, Chocolate, And Drummers
    Roses, Chocolate,...
    Tess has always been different. She is weird (In a good way). She can be the most girly girl person at times, but when home its all Chill. Not the most popular and not the prettiest either. But that's...
  • The_Glambert23

    mumbled "New Chapter"

    Hey guys! I have a new chapter in my story The 45,000 Foot Drop and I would really love it if you checked it out! It would be great if you could give me feedback on what I should improv on as well!
    The 45,000 Foot DropValentina is an unusual girl at the age of nineteen. All her life she's been labeled as the daughter of the mafia or the stripper's daughter. It's true...
    Thank you! Xoxo

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