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How would I describe myself?

The ocean in my hair, smudged ink on my hands, dark eye makeup, confrontational personality, a hidden connection to nature, fire, ice and water.

Oh, I also write novels occasionally.

Inspiration For My Character Names, vol. 1

von , Mittwoch September 12, 2018
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Inspiration Behind the Characters of Our Dark Lies

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  • Ray Lidstone

    mumbled "New project"

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    City BurningAlex Bastian can see the future. She uses her ability the one conceivable way— to help people. Along her way she’s made many enemies. And now one of...

    After dabbling in short stories for a bit, I crawled out of my hole, grabbed my notebook of half-baked ideas, and started a new project. With this one, I’m venturing into new territory— it has a realistic urban setting and for once, magic isn’t a centrifugal part of the plot.
    vor 2 Monaten
    best of luck...i too plan on writing novel after..maybe i finish writing my short stories series..
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