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Please read my stories :)
All comments welcome- Love or Hate! :D
Thanks ^.^

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    Thanks Woozert WooTAku! I try my best :$... ;) Btw Cassie I lurve the movella! Please post more... If you post some stuff on stolen then I'll favourite your story and give you a shoutout... If you don't I'll add Emma to our group :'(... Please? xxx
    I Would Tell You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You
    I Would Tell You,...
    At first sight 17 year old Bella seems like a normal girl with long brown hair and blue eyes, pretty normal right? Well she goes to the school Spy High. Yeah, she's spent practically her whole life training...
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    Heyyyy Guys! Thank you for reading our story! Unfortunatley, some of our co-authors having been writing... well, anything. Hope to be posting soon! :D
    Thanks x Rachel (Sienna ;))
    You're Going Down
    You're Going Down
    Gemini is a gangster by night and a normal teen by day, second in command of one of the most powerful gangs in New York. Sienna is a professional spy, intent on bringing crime down. Red's just been in...
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    rachel im working on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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