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I'm Mr. Mercedes.
Welcome to my profile.
Thanks for coming.
Enjoy Below!
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Either you're a stalker or you've come to see exactly why I have two strange giraffes partying hard to colorful dubstep as my background!

The answer is simple really. Why not?

'Why not?' As in "Why not follow me?!"

Well, you're still reading so I guess you aren't convinced you should follow me yet. That's ok. I'll tell you.

I'm not just your ordinary Joe. I'm an all-around nice guy with a personality so intriguing I have a background that could give you a seizure.

Still here? Ok then.

I write some pretty darn good stories. I don't mean to brag or nuthin' but one of my stories has over 2 views. I mean...sure, they might both be from me but y'know its the thought that counts, right?

Fine. I can see that you're still unimpressed. You know what? That's okay. I saved the big guns for last, don't worry.

I've got dedication. That might not seem like much but 'round these parts that's a big thing.I mean for Christ's sakes I just spent thirty-four minutes typing up this terribly long description that really doesn't describe anything about me except that I obviously have too much time on my hands.

So what do you say?
Go ahead and click that follow button!
I might just follow you back. ;)

  • Mr. Mercedes

    mumbled "Just a thing to say..."


    Putting a cross on your profile is nice, but standing up for your faith is much harder to do in real life than through a profile on some website. If you really want to stand up for your faith, consider taking Apologetics courses. (Look it up if you don't know what it means.)

    ...Then do it on your profile.

    Not hating, I think this is great, just stating my opinion.
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