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If you're reading this ur perfect (:
Society fucks with us all...
Love reading fanfictions and horror stories ♡ I'm crazy and loud but have a wild imagination to write with ^.^

sometimes people need a high five
In the face
with a chair...

"So, apparently the world has come to the point where we need flash cards to hold conversations...next we'll need computers to slap us across the face when we offend someone."

  • aussiexbritish
    its really good if u need any help writing the story im always happy to help (:
    update but no pressure tho <3
    Little Red Riding Hood (updated)
    Little Red Riding...
    I'm going to remake this from what's already written. It'll be different yet the same. I'm changing the female characters name from Ciera to Emeral
  • aussiexbritish
    omg you need to update no pressure tho cant wait to read more (:
    Population Control
    Population Control
    Thirty people die daily. Thirty families must face the grievances of having someone they love dearly killed by their "loving" government. Harmony Vanet, however, won't take that. When a soldier aims his...
    vor 5 Jahren
    Haha I'm almost done with the update... It should be out by Friday! :')
    vor 5 Jahren
    yasss (: u r my number 1 fav person xp @[Grace Nebel]
    vor 5 Jahren
    Thank you! Means a lot! :')
  • aussiexbritish
    ahh please update as soon as you can or I will die of a heart attack...yea I exaggerated a bit (: k bye <3
    My Kidnappers
    My Kidnappers
    Kylie went to Target... Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael go to Target... Kylie leaves... Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael kidnap her...
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