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I am a Community Manager at Movellas.

When it comes to me, I love writing, reading good stories, and sharing what's interesting in my world. I'm a poetry-lover at heart and may be the only one still bummed that the age of Romanticism is over in English Lit :-(

I have a B.A. in English Literature and Political Science and recently got my MA in Linguistics. My interests include language and communication, especially the dynamics and semantics involved in everyday conversation.

If you need to contact me, my email is

  • Skye S
    vor 10 MonatenAntworten
    Alright movellians! I'm tagging everyone who will need to comment the link to their entry below for the next round - just be sure to do so before June 20 XD

    @[Anne Onymous] @[jubjubird] @[Anony Mous] @[Midnight Rogue] @[LucyFair06] @[Amaan.s_official] @[fantaxyoreality] @[Zireee] @[lisavslisa] @[Katie Pharoah]
    vor 10 Monaten
    Escape - A Midsummer's NightmareA fan fiction of the story 'Go To Sleep' by @MarimStar

    Ik its short but I've had to deal with alot lately. Anyways, hope u enjoy it!!
    vor 9 Monaten
    A Midsummer Night's Dream - Talent...This is a chapter slightly in the future from my current story: 'The calm before the storm', about Z and Abby who embrace the hidden beauty of the world,...

    Here's mine! It's only short (a Chapter) as I've been run down with exam revision but couldn't miss the opportunity to enter! Hope you like it ^.^
    Katie Pharoah
    vor 9 Monaten
    RetrogradeRayner stepped into Sentire with trepidation and came out into a frostbitten world, with power at her fingertips and the word Goddess on everyone else's...
  • Skye S

    mumbled "Have you seen the trailer for 'One Man's Treasure?'"

    vor 1 JahrenAntworten

    No but seriously, have you seen it?! All episodes of this audio story have been released together so you can listen to the entire story right now should you feel like it XD

    We wrote a blog post about the exciting new trailer that you should see if you like action or adventure stories like this one. Go check out the blog post to view the trailer and you will see just exactly what we mean by Hollywood...

    Watch the Trailer for our Newest...

    by Skye S, Monday March 26, 2018
    New Audio Story Released: One Man's Treasure - Watch the epic trailer here...
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