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    4 monthssssss its been 4 monthsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    Turn This Around
    Turn This Around
    He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise...
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    mumbled "deleting my account in 10 mins..."

    what a bitter sweet moment it is right now, after two-three years on movellas i'm finally deleting my account.... wow... i know no one will miss me. I'm not that important but thank you so much for reading my stories (that were once on here they're now on wattpad) i cannot express the emotion i am feeling now.

    my wattpad is iOStyles if you'd like to continue on reading my stories.

    bye guys...
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    lordy i shouldn't be reading this at school on my school laptop lmfao
    Lips - H.S
    Lips - H.S
    Song: Lips - Marian Hill "Until we meet again, Rose." Harry smirked and I blushed deeply, god I wanted him. (Aka Virgin Rose .) Do not read if you feel uncomfortable about sex
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