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i i love One Direction <3,i go to miami arts charter school my name is samantha and i like reading fan fics of one direction

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    wait so they are together right
    Rylie is homeless. Has been all her life, to be exact. She lives in an alleyway next to a Starbucks, in a busy street of New York. One day, someone kneels before her, wad of money in hand. That same...
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    update plz
    Don't Let Me Go (Harry Styles)
    Don't Let Me Go...
    Harry and Brooke have been best friends since they can remember! But when Harry goes on X factor and they never contact each other again, their friendship slowly dies... Until one day they see each other...
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    Adrianna and Niall
    Decisions - Niall Horan Punk Fanfiction +16
    Decisions - Niall...
    "Step away from her," Niall growled whilst Jeff's hands were on my hips. His eyes wandered from Jeff's hands up to his face. Niall's eyes burned with anger and danger. Jeff and I had both gotten a little...
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    ignore the bad comments because this is a really good book and u update enough for people to be saying things like tht its not like ure going to be writing the whole day just to satisfy people like that and im pretty sure it takes a long time to write a chapter so just take your time and if people think u update to slow then they shouldnt read the book so yeah dont worry some peoplr will actually wait till u update so take all the time u want
    Cold Blooded
    Cold Blooded
    Slowly he placed his hand on my waist, gripping at the material that covered my skin. My breath caught in my throat as he slid his hand down to my ass and gave it a playful squeeze before dipping his head...
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