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I am most definitely a terrible writer, but it's what I love.
18 year old coffee and sleep addict.

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  • _sorrymaria

    mumbled "After a year.."

    It’s been nearly a year since I’ve even touched any of my writings. Which makes me incredibly sad. But life decided to kick me in the behind.. Anyhow, with my life being sorted out right now I decided to update { C R E A T I O N S } ! So as always, enjoy and leave me some feedback!
  • _sorrymaria

    I share my feelings by writing them down.

    While I am looking for more readers on my Movella, it's more about just getting my writings out there. I created {CREATIONS} (see what I did there ��) because I was too afraid to say what I felt out loud. And frankly, so many people could relate to my writings. So if you don't mind check out my Movella under my profile and leave me some feedback ❤️ thanks a lot!

    {CREATIONS} is technically a book of poems, but they don't "fit" in with other poems you know? So I just call them writings because that's what they are ��
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