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Hey guys! I'm back! SO SORRY for the log waits! I was locked out of my account and was only able to access it via Iphone. But anyways for those new people browsing on my account I'm Marissa, or you can call me Rissa, Riss, Yuna, or any other nicknames you can come up with. I write mostly fantasy but I have a few non fiction for those who like them. I hope you enjoy my stories, Please like, comment, fan, talk to me or whatever, oh and like always I will always read recommended books and give my opinions. Thanks! hope you all have a lovely day! xoxoxo Rissa

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    Hey everyone! Sorry for the wait for all of my updates! I was locked out of my account and could only access it through my phone -sadness- but I am back and I hope you all enjoy my stories. xoxo Rissa Marie
    P.S. all of my stories will undergo extreme editing so please be patient with me :-)
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    OMG i love this story!! Would you mind giving me some feedback on my story Shadowmarked you seam like a really great writer and i need some feedback, thanks! ^.^
    Cassie had always known she was different, but when a freak accident ends up changing her whole world, all she wants to do is escape from it, from everything, to be someone else. When her friends and family...
  • Rissa Marie
    Interesting plot line!! Keep up the good work'
    Camp Curse- An Untold Story
    Camp Curse- An Unt...
    Being cursed at a young age, leaves your mind empty. Alex, abandoned, alone in a carehome. Speaking Latin, also doing things, 'unexplained things'! All will soon change, a prophecy has foretold, she's...
  • Rissa Marie
    Eppe! Love it!! Can't wait 2 read more!
    The Last Hour
    The Last Hour
    I am Sara....Marika. It is getting harder and harder to remember. I have been held captive by Jason and Jessica for two years. They are scientists who have been using me as their guinea pig test subject....
    Lola Luna
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    Thank you Rissa! There should be another chapter up today.
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