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I'm bout to go Gucci in a Gucci store

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    mumbled "Teenage queen - One of my stories"

    Okay, it's still "coming soon" because I'm KINDA hoping I can like finish writing it and then just like update it weekly..... And the little bit I updated there is a bit morbid (I'M SORRY) but it gets happier and stuff so yeah.....
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    mumbled "What I hate"

    Well, I've found out that I hate my schedule. No. I hate having a schedule. I just want to do what I want, when I want. I want to go to sleep as the sun rises and wake up as it sets, laying on a rooftop and watching shooting stars.....Great, now I'm depressed again.. wanting something I can never have. Wake me up when this nightmares over...
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    mumbled "Just some thoughts on a little thing called love"

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    So, I like this guy, I mean, REALLY like him. So, I wrote him a letter, pouring my feelings out, letting him know who I was, but not signing it.
    But, obviously he's going out with someone, so my letter will never be sent, my love never proclaimed, my feelings bottled up...