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I have brown hair blue eyes and my style... Well... I guess it's gotten slightly better. I have a ton of freckles and am 4" 9'. Most days I wear my hair down cuz I HATE putting anything in it I'm 11 yrs old and that's bout it. Unless of course you want to hear me blabber about how boring my life is? I know you don't so bye!
P.S. My birthday is June 4

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    An update would be nice but by all means take your time I'm being sincere.
    Living with One Direction
    Living with One...
    Madison Carter like every other 15 year-old girl is taken to a slave house were she learns the Motto 'Talk little, Wear little and Eat Little'. This is a story of how Madison is afraid of One Direction...
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    I adore this! This could possibly be the best thing I've read on this site! The scene is beautifully set,the city is described amazingly, and the story is told so well I can barely describe it. I could find no faults! Please update when you find the time absolutely no pressure take your time.
    The Girl on 221 Burrowood Lane
    The Girl on 221...
    The girl on two twenty-one Burrowood Lane is just like everyone else in her town... almost.... and only for now. She'll have to choose over and over again between two fates, two men, two names, two lives....
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