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Anime/Manga obsessed.
Official Fallen Angel in the Black Veil Brides Army.
Such a Swiftie, Taylor is my unhealthy obsession.
Cats, Tattoos, Birds, Vintage, Ukuleles, Flowers, Triangles, Guitars, Quotes and then some.

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    mumbled "Original"

    Hey, So I haven't been on in a while but it's amazing to see I've got a lot of readers, likes and favourites on 'Don't Lie' so thank you all for that.
    I am planning to do an original story at some point, in fact I'm in the process of writing it so hopefully I'll be able to publish it on here very soon.
  • ReadingMinds {afk}
    Okay so I'm not a story critic or anything so I don't know where the boundaries of good and bad lie but I can immediately see, as I read this story, that it is amazing.
    People obviously read it and enjoy it, you can tell that by the views, likes, comments, etc.
    You are a very talented author and your story made me cry.
    I think it is one of the best stories I have read, and to be honest; I have read many. :)
    Keep up your good work, like seriously you will go far. xx
    Before I Die
    Before I Die
    This is my entry for the 'love' competition for Valentine's Day. Lexa suffers with terminal cancer. She knows she hasn't got long to live. She has no one to live for anyway. She is left spell-bound...
    Jodie Angell
    vor 7 Jahren
    Oh poo i forgot about that, i'll write it now!! OMG SO MANY PEOPLE WANT TO READ IT BUT I AM NOT UPLOADING ANY TO MOVELLAS CAS I WANT IT TO BE A SURPRISE!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    vor 7 Jahren
    Good! Don't put the book on here!
    Jodie Angell
    vor 7 Jahren
    i wont hehe!! look at my status biyacch!!xxx
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    mumbled "Writing"

    Okai so I am a writer; I write in my spare time as a passion.
    I enjoy writing comedy or romance stories, I don't class them as novels quite yet because they're only ever short and so far mainly fan-fiction.
    Yes I have only just created this account after finding out about the website through school thanks to an awesome English teacher :3
    Anyways, if you want to see most of my writing please go to my Quizazz account; quizazz.com/callmetaliaasyouknowit
    Read my stories, leave me comments, favourites, rates and all that and follow me too please. Thankyou <3
    vor 7 Jahren
    could you please check out my piece, "Like Mother Like Daughter"? I entered this as a short short story into the Picture Prompt Competition. Can you like/favorite it if you think its good and add a comment telling me your feedback? I would really appreciate it!!!
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